Boosting a Ride with a Performance Exhaust System

Buying a vehicle is similar to purchasing an action figure – wherein the manufacturer left much room for improvement, customization, and personalization. From the outer car foil or paint designs to performance exhausts, a car could be made more powerful and beautiful according to the preferences of the owner. For those who purchase a stock model from a dealership but have a vision of what their car could look like often “pimp” their rides with installations such as performance exhausts.

How does performance exhaust systems work?

Performance exhaust systems work by freeing some of the stored-up power in an engine. By adding a sort of vent, gases can escape quicker and more efficiently, thus achieving more optimal levels of speed and power.

Car enthusiasts have the option of installing a complete exhaust system or purchasing them by piece, which could be any of the following:


A part of an exhaust system that makes it easier for the engine to push the burnt gases out of the cylinders by eliminating the manifold’s backpressure.

Catalytic Converters

This part works at reducing the levels of toxic gases and pollutants mixed in the exhaust gas through a chemical reaction of oxidation and turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide.


All the chemical and physical reactions happening within the engine are bound to emit high levels of noise. A muffler works at reducing the sound effects of the internal combustion engine without limiting performance.

Exhaust Pipes

Typically, factory-made exhaust systems come with a “crush-bend” technique wherein the pipes are crinkled and smaller in diameter, thus slowing down the release of gas. Aftermarket pipes, on the other hand, are designed with a “mandrel bend,” which is smoother and with a constant bigger-sized diameter to allow more efficient airflow.

How to choose the right exhaust system

Having decided to equip a vehicle with performance exhausts is just the first step. There is no one-size-fits-all exhaust system for all types of cars. The configuration, material, capacity, and capability are dependent on the vehicle’s specifications.

Select configuration

There are five usual types of exhaust systems: the single exit pipe, dual rear exit, opposite dual exhaust, dual side exhaust and high-performance system. The single exit pipe exhaust system is the most common type seen on regular cars released from a dealer while dual rear types come with sportier and high-powered vehicles. Opposite dual exhaust systems, on the other hand, are for vehicles that carry or haul heavy loads. Lastly, the dual side exhaust is the cheaper version of the high-performance system which consists of two exhaust pipes on one side of the vehicle.

Select material

Exhaust systems could be made using mild or aluminized steel, which is lightweight and highly malleable compared to stainless steel. They are the cheapest options, although they are more prone to rust compared to stainless steel exhaust systems.

Selecting the right size

One could not merely discover a complete exhaust system and install it in his or her car. Careful consideration and modification must be made to ensure that the car addition would boost performance and not the other way around. Because in the performance exhaust world, bigger isn’t always better.

Select mode of installation

Many car enthusiasts have their favourite mechanic, who is the only personnel authorized to touch their car. Exhaust systems are not like plug-and-play devices and require professional skills to be installed correctly.

The reason why factory stocked vehicles are so quiet is because of the limitations in exhaust systems. Car manufacturers are regulated to produce cars that are compliant to particular noise standards on the road. Furthermore, it is less costly to produce the performance exhausts across all models. But should an owner want more out of a vehicle, then there is so much more room to boost its performance through an exhaust system.

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