Best Wearable Technology in Electronic Devices You Must Try

The interesting part of waiting for the latest electronic devices is seeing the improvements. The manufacturers develop devices with the latest features in order to make their devices unique and attract more people to buy. Such as: wearable bluetooth neck speaker, wearable heart rate monitor, wearable fitness tracker and so on.

And below are another examples of wearable devices:

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple is trying to give something different in its latest device, Apple Watch Series 4. For example, Apple Watch Series 4 is designed with larger screen display so users are able to see the detail clearer. The improvement is not only on its design but also its performance.

By wearing this latest device, users are able to detect their heart-rate along with ECG app for clearer heart reading result. This device is the one of the best wearable ecg monitor watch. There is also a fall detection feature with SOS signal. Those features run faster with the use of the latest technology.

The device has louder speaker sound and it is useful for specific signals such as an alarm or SOS signal. It seems that there is a problem with battery life, especially if you are using a specific feature such as GPS, cellular, and exercise.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is included on the top 5 wearable technology in electronic devices because it covers what users want. Let say, the users want to wear something functional, simple, and easy to use. This is the reason why the device is designed lightweight and simple along with a variety of useful features such as health and fitness features.

Due to the design and features, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is suitable for active users such as workers, professionals, business owners, and many others. This watch is compatible with Android and iOS.

Interestingly, the price is cheaper than its competitors and it attracts people to buy this smartwatch. The drawback is that the health app needs more improvement because it doesn’t save your health data well.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa knows that people want to wear something simple and easy to use anytime and anywhere they want. Because of that, Fitbit Versa has a compact, lightweight, and stylish. Moreover, the manufacturer also cares about the health of the users by installing some fitness tracker.

You can wear smartwatch anytime including when you are swimming. This device is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It is also supported by a variety of features and apps and it makes the watch fun to wear. The technology works for both, Android and iOS. The problem is that sometimes the apps are a little bit hard to load.

Amazfit Bip

For those who want to wear a smartwatch with long battery life, Amazfit Bip is one of the best options. Besides offering a device with long battery life, it is also designed with fitness features. One of the features is a heart rate which can detect your heart rate level accurately.

The GPS feature is useful for those who love trekking or running to keep on track. It is also a water resistance device and it is a great device for swimming, diving, surfing, and many others. Actually, users are a little bit uncomfortable with the onboard features such as stopwatch or timer which can’t run in the background.

Apple Watch Series 3

It is an extraordinary watch where you can make a phone call. Moreover, you can also use the smartwatch for email, Siri, and messages. Apple Watch Series 3 is a great option for music lovers because you can syncs your favorite music easily.

This device is also designed for tracking your health as well as GPS to track your route and also waterproof. Because of that, Apple Watch Series 3 is suitable for trekkers, swimmers, hikers, surfers, and many sports lovers.

So, which one of the top 5 wearable technology in electronic devices you want to wear? It seems that you want to try all of them, right? The point is that those devices are useful enough, especially for active people and sports lovers.

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