Best Ways to watch IPL in the USA

The IPL 2020 is already breaking all the records. Every IPL team is trying to outshine other teams. Due to COVID-19, no crowds are allowed in stadiums. However, fans can watch IPL matches on Live streaming services and Live Broadcast.

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According to BCCI, more than 200 million fans tuned in for the first IPL game. If you want to watch IPL in the USA, then there are various legal options available for you. Hotstar USA has been an official partner of IPL since 2015. They have been streaming live IPL matches since 2015. There are also many other amazing features that Hotstar USA is offering.

How to Watch IPL online in the USA:

Hotstar is the largest OTT platform in India. They are the digital partner of IPL in 2020. Thus, no other OTT platforms can live stream IPL matches. There are also more than 100,000 hours of movies and TV series available on the Hotstar platform. These movies are available in more than 9 regional languages. Also, Hotstar covers most of the sports events.

Hotstar is also offering a 10% discount to new users. You can use promo code FUN30 for getting a 10% discount on your Hotstar USA subscription.

Features of Hotstar:

Hotstar is the only OTT platform that can legally stream IPL. There are various platforms that are illegally streaming IPL matches. However, these sites mostly contain malware and viruses. Thus, you should always use Hotstar USA for streaming IPL in the USA. Some of the best features of Hotstar are:

  • The User interface of Hotstar is very simple to use. You can find all the Indian video content on this OTT platform.
  • Hotstar will work on all your devices. It is cross-platform compatible with every device. You can download their app from the App Store or Play Store. If you have a laptop, then you can directly watch movies on your Laptop. You can even connect Hotstar with your smart TV and watch live matches on TV. Also, you don’t need to worry about any ads or malware. Hotstar is offering live commentary in more than 9 languages. Thus, you can enjoy commentary in your regional language.
  • Hotstar is trying to improve its streaming service. They are providing HD quality streaming to its users. Also, the streaming speed is very good. You can watch IPL matches on even 3G connections without any interruption.

How to access Hotstar USA subscription?

Hotstar content is available to both paid and free users. However, you can’t watch IPL matches if you are using a free account. Thus, you should buy a subscription to Hotstar USA. There are two different subscriptions available in Hotstar USA. If you want to enjoy IPL and movies, then you should go for the VIP version. It will ensure that you can enjoy the entire catalog of Hotstar.

Hotstar VIP will also give you access to Hotstar originals and other premium titles. You can get Hotstar US at a discounted price as they are currently promoting their platform. Follow below simple steps if you want to watch IPL matches in the USA:

  • Go to the site of Hotstar USA.
  • Select the 1-year plan.
  • Enter your personal details and create your account.
  • Select your payment method and enter your payment details.
  • After that, you need to click on the “Have a Promo Code”? Option and enter the FUN30 promo code.
  • Complete your payment and click on the “Start Membership” option.
  • You can now enjoy all the TV shows and IPL at a very low price.


IPL is the biggest festival for cricket lovers. It got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Better late than never. It has become more important during these tough times. Everyone wants to watch some cricket matches. If you are living in the USA, then the only legit way to watch IPL matches is Hotstar USA.

Other OTT platforms can’t stream IPL legally. Thus, you should subscribe to Hotstar USA and enjoy the rest of the IPL matches. You will also get access to tons of movies and TV shows. Millions are watching including me. Let’s have some fun.

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