Best ways to learn a new language for your upcoming vacation

So you have decided to go overseas for your next holiday? Chances are you will be visiting foreign countries where English is a second language. Not only is this a great opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, practicing how to speak with the locals is a once-in-a-lifetime moment to broaden your travel horizons.

Spending time learning a new language shows you care about getting to know the culture, way of life, and communication of the country you are visiting. By showing respect and trying to speak a country’s language, it can open new doors to forming relationships with locals.

Use Preply to Learn a New Language

Preply gives users the chance to learn various languages, such as English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and many more. By using expert tutors, you can find native speakers and private tutors to quickly educate you and teach you native learning lessons. Visit site here to find yourself a good tutor before your upcoming trip.

Browse through verified profiles on Preply to choose which tutor is best suited for your needs. You know your learning style that works best – so choose a tutor that can help you learn effectively and quickly.

In addition, Preply gives you the freedom and versatility to learn at any time when it is convenient for you. Do you work 9-5 all day, every day? No problem – use Reply at your leisure to fit with your busy schedule.

Lastly, Preply is an affordable service that fits your budget – this way, you can save money for your overseas vacation.

How does Preply work?

The first step in using Preply is to find the best tutor for your needs and learning style. Choose from nearly 50,000 online tutors, using the filters to search and find the teacher perfect for you.

Next, take lessons when it fits your schedule. Use the easy online booking system via the desktop to choose a specific time slot during any day of the week.

Once the lesson is booked, enter the virtual classroom. Once it’s time to work with your Preply tutor, connect with the teacher via a comprehensive video system.

During the lesson, the tutor will employ structured learning to help keep track of your progress, improve your speaking ability, and increase the vocabulary knowledge with your Preply tutor.

Questions and Answers

Some of the most common questions and answers when working with Preply have been answered on the website to help give potential users information before signing up for this service.

You can browse this list of questions or type in a search query to see if another user has already asked your question to a tutor. For example, there are some specific questions regarding languages and literature that have been previously asked and answered in this section. Some examples include:

  • What does a ‘fool’s errand’ mean?
  • How can I switch my remaining hours to another tutor?
  • How can I take the placement test?


Those who want to learn a new language can highly benefit from using the online service Preply. This online tutor system pairs you with the perfect teacher to help you learn a new language quickly and efficiently.

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