Best Ways To Increase Ebay Sales

Selling your products on eBay, for all the reasons we have listed, can be really beneficial for almost any type of market. In order for the results to meet expectations, however, it is necessary to better manage one’s presence in the marketplace, taking care to take care of all the details. BTW consulting is the ideal partner to help you in this fruitful journey. Years of experience, qualified professionals in step with all the news, are essential ingredients to guarantee your professional account a perfect and successful success.

Eight Tips To Optimize Your Ebay

To better highlight your product on eBay, the search engine takes into account a number of items specific to each seller. Indeed, it gives a better position to ads from sellers who: Follow these 8 tips to stand out in the search results end fix slow eBay sales.

1 – Title And Description Of The Object

The title of your eBay ad: write your title correctly. Be precise and concise, avoid adding superfluous words or synonyms. The title can contain up to 80 characters. Remember to include important features for the chosen category such as brand, product name, format and color. Object description: Group detailed product information into logical paragraphs and ensure that your description is optimized for mobile devices. Use a simple font of one color.

2 –  Product Codes And Characteristics Of The Object

Product codes allow the search engine to recognize the product you are selling. Your ad will also be perceived as being more complete, more interesting and more relevant to buyers. Fill in all the recommended object characteristics for your category by selecting the options from the drop-down list if possible. In your Parts and Accessories category ads, add part compatibility information to get better conversion rates and reduce the number of returns requests.

3 – Price

Offer a competitive price compared to prices for similar items. To view this information, go to the Advanced Search page, complete the details of your subject and select Successful Sales. You can also see the starting price of items offered by other sellers. Once you have identified the price range, you can apply a little psychology to determine the best price for your item.

4 – Appropriate Category

Put your object on sale in the right category. For an additional fee, you can select a second category. Do it only if this second category is really relevant to your object. Choosing the right category can make all the difference between a successful sale and an object that loses visibility in the search results. Many buyers refine their search by category. If your item is not in the right place, the buyer may not find it.

5 – Compliance Of The Ad

You must ensure that your ads meet all eBay rules. Avoid any manipulation of search results, interference in the operation of the site and publication of identical ads. To ensure the visibility of your ads on eBay, consider our advice and comply with our rules.

6 – High Ratings

Respond quickly to buyers, offer quality customer service and they will be more likely to buy your items. Although fast response times do not immediately ensure that your ads are at the top of search results, they help create an optimal customer experience. They also have a positive effect on your detailed seller rating notes.

7 – Adaptive Models

Use a simple, professional HTTP template that lets you easily communicate to the customer all the information they need to buy from you. In other words, the HTML code should not prevent your descriptions from appearing first. If your template is not coded correctly, it can have a negative effect on the ranking of your ads in the eBay search results.

8 – Quality Photos

Take high resolution photos of at least 1600 pixels on the longest side (height or width). This will allow you to get the zoom effect that you can see on some eBay listings. Use an ALT tag to describe your photo. Do not add borders, text, or watermarks. Avoid adding entries to your photos because this practice violates our policies and is not accepted by Google Ads.

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