Best Tools To Aerate Your Lawn

Your lawn grass needs constant watering, cutting, and weeding to stay healthier and lush.  But compacted soil is one of the most common issues which do not let it remain beautiful. Occurring compaction means soil pockets deprive water, air, and needed nutrients.

Lawn coring is helpful in the context of creating much-needed space for water and soil. Maintaining an ideal lawn is one of the cumbersome tasks but it would not if you go with the best tools to aerate your beautiful lawn. Let’s know what those best lawn oriented tools are:-

  • Plug/Spike aerators

It comes up with hollow tine to penetrate the lawn and remove plugs of soil. If you go with a spike aerator, it means punctures would be done but without removing any soil. You may choose any of these following the condition of your soil. Though plug aerators are considered ideal since they make holes so that roots could expand, water may go deeper, air could circulate freely. Spike Aerators are good to go for looser soil only.

  • Push aerators

It is an ideal Lawn Aerator tool especially if there is a small in size area. This sort of aerator comes up with spikes instead of hollow tines. Though, it needs more effort to force the tines into the soil. You should have it if you do lawn coring on your own.

  • Handheld aerator  

Whether you want it for plug or spike variety, both are available. It is equipped with a dual-handle grip and a strong foot platform onto the tool to ensure the safety of the user. It is worthy to choose if you are supposed to have a nice workout since it needs most time and effort.

  • Aerator shoes

These shoes are different from regular shoes indeed. They are pretty much good at fitting over your shoes. They come up with excellent straps and solid spikes. The motto of these shoes is to aerate the lawn while mowing. Make sure that they are made of the best quality so that you would have a hassle-free experience.

  • Aerator-spreader

What if you can aerate and fertilize your lawn in one go? You may tow-behind the combination Aerator-Spreader to have excellent results. This tool comes up with start-shapes time so that your lawn could penetrate up to 2 inches. And along with that, it keeps spreading seed and fertilizer directly into the freshly poked holes. It is quite easy to assemble. It saves precious time and effort both at the same time.

  • Chemical solutions

Do you know chemical solutions are also available in the market to fix compact soil issues? It can break up compacted soil easily and loosen clay and dirt. It helps to enhance the entire soil structure. It should be applied before 30 days of planting new grass seeds. It is indeed worth buying.

Having these aerator tools for lawn do make loan coring quite easier and simple. Choose the best one at your convenience.

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