Best Tips for Being More Organized At Work

More and more people nowadays are working remotely from home. With the increase of remote work, it has become crucial to stay productive at work for the whole day. While there is still a lot of distractions that affect negatively your productivity, we have come up with the best tips and tricks to help you stay organized and effective. Let’s look closer at each of them below.

  1. Curb Your Perfectionism.

When working in the office, you may be getting used to receiving tasks from your boss and always have a plan on what to do next and what the deadlines are. However, when working remotely, nobody controls you every single moment, and it is very important to understand that you shouldn’t sit all day long just doing one of your daily tasks. As soon as you have finished your task, don’t spend too much time reviewing and editing it again and again. Instead, check out your task list and move on with the next one based on their priorities.

1. Organize Your Digital Workspace.

All tools and apps that help you get work done create your digital workplace. These could be chatting apps and remote employee desktop monitoring software where you discuss project details with your colleagues, your email account, projects management software, etc. Your email mailbox is one of the most popular communication channels and it is crucial for being productive to keep it clean and organized. For example, if you receive a lot of unnecessary emails such as marketing newsletters, social media notifications, spam, etc., this will distract you from finding important information when necessary. Instead, it is recommended that you check your emails regularly and delete everything you don’t need as well as unsubscribe from all unwanted newsletters and block unknown senders. If you don’t want to organize your mailbox manually, you can always use an email management tool like Clean Email or LeaveMeAlone to help you with managing your account automatically. Also, here is a great guide on how to unsubscribe from marketing newsletters without much effort.

2. Plan Your Tasks Beforehand.

It is important to remember that each time you waste your precious time deciding which task to move forward with, your productivity decreases and moreover you are risking to miss deadlines with some important tasks you can’t remember at this moment. Instead, it is recommended to plan your next day beforehand. Just spend some time before going to bed and list all your tasks for the next day with setting priorities. Next morning you will definitely know what to start with and you will get everything done even faster than you expected.

3. Have a Clean Workplace and Set Work Hours.

No matter you are working from home or at the office, it is highly important that you set work hours and try to get everything done within this timeframe. Your productivity will decrease a lot if you stay at work till late at night. Instead, it is recommended to have enough time to rest and get back to work fresh and productive. It is important to have a clean workplace as well because all stuff you don’t need only distracts you when it is required to find something important in a short period of time.

These tips and tricks will help you stay productive and organized no matter if you are working at the office or staying at home. Start implementing them and you will see how much you can do during your work hours.

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