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Every educated person is familiar with the name of the Belgian capital, which has received a great deal of attention over the past 50 years as the de facto seat of the EU and the home of NATO. It is the biggest city in the nation and has a considerable French-speaking population, despite the fact that traditionally the majority of people who lived there spoke Dutch. These days, Brussels’ street signs are written in both languages. The Senne River, where the capital is located, was piped in during the industrialization that overtook the city in the 19th century, thus you can’t see it in the old portion of the city.

You’ll always be excited to return to this city. Brussels is a multicultural city with many expats and people from many nations in the area. Maybe that’s why it’s so simple to feel at home here. Therefore, reserve your airline tickets as soon as you can to enjoy this lovely city and its landmarks. The city of Brussels is served by two airports. The international airport at Zaventem is situated 12 km northeast of the Belgian capital. It is the largest and most important international airport in Belgium. The entrance to Europe is there.

Brussels Airport (BRU) is located 12 km from the city. Last year, more than 25 million passengers arrived or departed from Brussels. The airport can be reached quickly by car or taxi to Brussels airport. Simply fill out the online booking form to schedule a Brussels airport transfer to take you to the city. When you arrive at the terminal building’s arrival lobby, a highly competent and experienced chauffeur of the airport taxi will be there to greet you, direct you to the car, and take you directly to your destination. If you use AtoB airport transfer services, you’ll be able to estimate the cost of your trip in advance.

Museum of musical instruments

Would you like to listen to a musical instrument of historical significance that reflects on its strings the intertwining of the fates of different people who had the opportunity to work with it? If so, get here by AtoB airport transfer and visit this museum. It contains an outstanding collection of musical instruments, most of which have been in the hands of prominent artists in the music industry.

An interesting feature of the museum is that you actually have the opportunity to listen to all of these instruments being played. A violin made even 20 years ago sounds different from one made in the 19th century. It feels as if the violin on its fragile strings carries all this historical burden of different eras it has seen. And it’s quite strange when you hold such an instrument in your hands, especially when you think about how time flies for a person and how time stops on the strings of such an instrument.

Frankly speaking, you shouldn’t read about it but rather take an airport taxi, come to this museum and try to feel it. If you just want to enjoy the wonderful music, there is a coffee shop on the roof of the museum with a panoramic view of the city that majestically stretches in front of the building. Climbing the stairs to the roof, you will stop on each floor to touch the history that each of these 2000 exhibits holds.

Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries

We would like to offer you to do a little shopping, but not in the usual grey shops that are cold and soulless, but in a luxurious place with epochal majesty. We are talking about the so-called galleries, which house various shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

The origin of this cultural phenomenon took place in 1847. The building itself consists of two floors, and most locations are divided by theme. A harmonious interweaving of architectural philosophy of the times that are long gone with modern technologies and boutiques. In the evening, everything is filled with signs. The first floor is illuminated by ordinary lanterns, while the second floor is illuminated by the color of the sea waves.

At this time, you had the impression that you were walking through an underwater tunnel somewhere in a zoo and that marine life would be swimming above you and looking at you.  The architecture itself is inspired by the Italian style. So be sure to book an AtoB airport taxi and visit this incredible place.

Manneken Pis

A world-famous sculpture of a boy’s fountain. The first time sees this exhibit, everyone is impressed. Unfortunately, history had not preserved the exact time when this sculpture was installed, but history can say for sure that the form by which it is recognized all over the world was given by Dequenois Jerome the Elder.

It is also interesting that there is a tradition of dressing him in different costumes that correspond to certain events. At one time, he was dressed in Ukrainian clothes, a Count Dracula costume, and even a US Air Force costume. If you are interested in what other unusual costumes he wore, then book an airport transfer and visit the nearby museum that collects all the costumes.

Another interesting fact is that the new image he will be wearing is listed in the list of an organization called “Friends of Manneken Pis”. To make you interested, it is also important to say one thing: he has changed more than 810 costumes in his life. There is also a statue of a peeing girl – Jeanneke Pis – in Brussels. It is located not far from the hero of our story, you can easily get here by AtoB airport taxi. As a joke, there is also a statue of a peeing dog – Zinneke Pis – in Brussels. That’s a pun in Brussels with the pissing statues.

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