Best States for Real Estate Investing in the US

The nightmare of every real estate investor is amassing a portfolio of real estate properties in the wrong state. While some states are safe havens for investors, some just aren’t as friendly. You can learn about the investment frauds that are common in the real estate business, on this website:

There are numerous advantages to basing most of your real estate properties in the state where you live, but you wouldn’t want to do that if your home state had many laws against real estate investors.

If all statistics show that your home state isn’t a good environment for real estate investing, you may want to consider out-of-state rental properties.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the primary reasons why you may want to invest in out-of-state real estate property. Also, I’ll outline some of the best states for real estate investing in the United States and why you may want to choose them.

What Is an Out-Of-State Investment?

As the name suggests, an out-of-state investment property refers to any real estate property that’s based outside of the town where you live.

Due to the several drawbacks of this practice, most real estate investors will prefer to play it safe and buy properties mostly inside of their home state.

However, living in a state with harsh regulations against real estate investors will force you to gravitate towards out-of-state investments. While it’s generally a good idea to invest in properties that you can easily tend to, it’s also good to make the most out of your investment. Get to Know more about Best States for Real Estate Investing in the US at

Pros and Cons of Out-Of-State Investments

Opening up to out-of-state rental properties makes it possible to locate investment properties in areas with better prospects. For example, states with landlord-friendly laws make better real estate investment destinations for obvious reasons.

Also, you may want to get cheaper property due to a lower budget while starting. While everyone would like to adhere to the unwritten 30-minute rule, it just happens that the most expensive properties converge around that 30-minute radius sometimes.

Since the property is situated in the most investor-friendly areas with some of the friendliest places, there’s usually a better potential for higher ROI and cash flow, minimizing the risks associated with investing in real estate.

But everything isn’t always good with out of state real estate investing. Since laws differ across states, investing without reading the specific rules related to property investing may severely limit ROI. For example, some states require the landlord to live in a house they rent out to tenants.

Also, buying a property without first-hand knowledge of its performance in the market may have you struggling to get tenants to occupy it after making the investment decision.

Best State for Real Estate Investing

If you’ve decided on out-of-town real estate investing, you can mitigate most of the risks by choosing the most suitable states for your investment.

To save you the stress of having to do that yourself, we’ve compiled some of the best states for real estate investing and some of the reasons why they make this list.

It’s generally recommended to do your due diligence before making any investment decision. Before buying a rental property, consider going through the updated laws of the state concerning property rentals, as nothing stays the same forever.

With that being said, here are some of our top destinations for buying properties remotely in the United States.

1. Texas

Thanks to its booming population and the growing job market, Texas has been the ideal real investment destination for most of its history. Texas has one of the lowest investment rates in the country, and the cost of living is slightly above average.

With everything else equal, you shouldn’t go wrong with an investment in a real estate property in Texas, especially with rental rates currently on the rise.

2. North Carolina

North Carolina also makes one of the best locations for owning properties in another state, but not for the same reasons as most other states in this list.

Some counties in North Carolina, Durham, for example, have a high concentration of students. Students who live away from the school campus halls during the academic year stay in rented homes, making rentals a hot market in Durham.

According to the latest data from population trackers, North Carolina’s average population is on the rise. Buying into it means you’re buying into an ever-expanding market of high-income earners.

3. Utah

While Utah is known chiefly for its wildlife reserves, most people don’t know that it has one of the lowest mortgage rates across the United States.

In addition to pleasantly low mortgage rates, the average resident in Utah earns way above the national average, making it the sweet spot for rental properties.

4. Arizona

Bordering California, Arizona has grown to become a compelling destination for real estate investment over the years.

While the cost of living is neither outrageously high nor low and the median income average at best, Arizona might seem like your normal state. However, the state has one of the friendliest laws for landlords owning rental properties in the state.

In addition to that, the state boasts of a low mortgage rate, and real estate appreciation is going through the roof. With all other things being equal, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a state that’s friendlier to investors than San Marino.

5. Alabama

This southeastern state made it into this list primarily due to the state’s excellent job market. With most Alabama residents earning above the minimum wage, you’ll have no problem with charging a premium for rental fees.


At this point, it’s already clear that all states aren’t created the same, especially when it comes to real estate investing. While most investment advice recommends investing in home-based properties, you can potentially make the most out of your investment by exploring owning property in another state.

If you can locate your investment properties excellently and dedicate time to learning the nitty-gritty of real estate investing, you’ll always make profits.

Besides learning the nitty-gritty of real estate investment here, you can also learn some of the best states for real estate investing for the best profit potentials.

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