Best Side Orders To Order Online To Compliment Your Meals

Looking for the best sidekicks to diversify your range of taste? Well, you’ve landed at the right place! Deciding on what to eat from an overflowing menu with different cuisines can be a little intimidating. Everyone loves to try something new but at the same time it’s a tad bit hard to decide from where to start. So, the next time you’re struggling hard to find the right companion for your main dish, you can take some suggestions from the list that we curated below for you. Also, you can checkout Wingstop as they have some really tasty and delicious sides to offer along with some amazing deals and discounts through which you can unlock savings and features like free delivery..

1.Seasoned Fries

Potatoes are the perfect partner for any dish. We’re sure just like us you too love those golden-crunchy delicious fries! Well, the seasoned fries are a step ahead in taste from the regular fries that we all easily cook in our homes. These are potatoes cut into thin slices then air-fried or deep-fried until deliciously crisp and golden. Followed by this, they are then tossed in a  variety of seasonings like pepper, chilli powder, garlic powder, italian herbs (varies from recipe to recipe) and served hot and fresh as your perfect side order.

2. Cheese Fries

Another delicious side order to go all crazy for. Cheese fries are something that no one can really say a no to! They are everyone’s favourite and can easily elevate the taste of your dish to the next level. Cheese fries are heavenly melt-in-your mouth potato slices with loads of cheddar cheese dripping from all corners. We bet you’re drooling right now just like we are! The initial process remains very much similar to cutting thin slices of potatoes and then frying them until crisp golden brown. Then they are dressed with the delicious cheddar cheese and served while the cheese is hot and all drippy.

3. Louisiana Voodoo Fries

Louisiana Voodoo fries are not just fries they are one of the best side dishes you’ll eat! They are fries with a twist. They’ve got some kick to it and which is only because they are served not with one but three different toppings i.e. two sauces and an extremely delicious seasoning. It’s quite simple to prepare. All they have to do is simply chop the potatoes into slices, fry them until crisp golden brown and then set aside in the serving bowl. Here comes those magical dressing ingredients which can make you go all crazy for them. They are then served with ranch and cheese sauce topped with cajun seasoning which adds a little spicy taste to this side dish.

4. Buffalo Ranch Fries

You must be wondering how such a small ingredient potato can be the star of so many side dishes. But always remember to never underestimate the hidden powers of this star ingredient. One should go for these if they’re in the mood for some hot and spicy yet a tad bit of sweet balancing flavour with their main dish. The hot and crispy potato fries are served with the very delicious ranch sauce and to balance this flavour comes the tangy and spicy hot sauce. We’re sure you’re imagining what these fries would taste like? Well, to know this you certainly have to try these out.

5. Cajun Fried Corn

We are certain that you’re going to thank us later for this side dish. This one is a must-try for everyone. Also, this one’s sure to trick your brain into thinking that you’re eating something healthy while you enjoy this irresistibly tasty side dish. The best part is you can choose from an assortment of four different seasonings i.e. lemon pepper, parmesan, cajun and fry seasoning. Just imagine the finger licking deliciously hot corned pieces cut into halves cooked with your favourite seasonings right in front of you to savour in. Aaahh.. Heavenly!

6. Veggie Sticks

This one’s for all the gym and fitness freaks and also for people on diet, who just want to have the mental satisfaction of eating a ‘side dish’. When in reality, they are just eating a bunch of veggie sticks. You get served with chilled carrot and celery sticks with a very basic sauce or dip so as to make it taste less boring and that’s it for this one.

7. Fresh Baked Rolls

The last but an interesting side dish, the freshly hot oven baked rolls. This one is a total surprise dish. Drizzled in butter, the rolls have a crunchy exterior yet a soft warm pillowy like on the inside. They are sure to take you by surprise. This simple yet predictable dish is super tasty and delicious but only if it is baked right. You can partner this one with almost every main dish. Also you can just add any sauce or a dip with it if you don’t want to eat it plain and you’re all soughted!

So, if you’re planning on a chicken night with scrumptious and juicy chicken wings, tossed with a delectable choice of sauces, the right amount of spices and herbs, roasted just right. You have to have it from the absolute best Wingstop. Also, don’t forget to try out these finger-licking good sides with your main order. Try once and we’re sure you will thank us later!

Happy Eating !!

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