9 Best Fantasy Games for PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 has been a huge success, becoming the most popular console worldwide. You can play all kinds of games – from racing to medieval games. If you are also an ardent fan of medieval games ps4, then check out insider games. Today we will recall the best fantasy games on the platform.

1. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Despite the official definitions, we all have our own understanding of what fantasy is. But we do have one thing in common: We would all happily agree that The Lord of the Rings is fantasy. Just it. It couldn’t be more of a fantasy. And when in 2014, a new game based on Tolkien’s legendary books finally appeared on store shelves, we rejoiced like kids.

Despite the license, developer Monolith Productions decided to experiment with the genre and delight us with innovation. Then it seemed that other games with open worlds were also waiting for innovations, but it was not so, unfortunately. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is still one of the most interesting games on our list. Not only because it tells a new story of Tolkien’s world. But also because of the innovative Nemesis System, which allows every NPC to remember the player’s actions and somehow react to them.

2. Nioh

Another representative of the dark fantasy on our list tells a fascinating story of Japan during the Sengoku period. Warring clans, yokai, historical figures, and dark atmosphere all make Nioh one of the most memorable games of this generation. You will find here everything: elaborate responsive combat, interesting character builds and weapons, and a setting that seemed very fresh at the time of its release.

3. Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

One of the best fantasy games that was first available on PC and shortly after came out on consoles – less than a year after its debut. Just like in the previous game, Larian Studios managed to expand the already developed world and the freedom of action of Divinity: anyone would envy Original Sin 2. On top of that, there’s local and online multiplayer, as well as co-op play – how many other games are so plentiful?

4. Dishonored 2

Unexpected inclusion, because Dishonored does not come to mind when mentioning the word “fantasy” – not at all. However, the boundaries of this genre stretch wider than it may seem. Fans refer Dishonored to as the gaslamp fantasy subgenre, and for a good reason. Well, we are too happy to find a reason to talk about an outstanding game by one of the most respected studios of our time, Arkane Studios.

In the sequel to the much-loved Dishonored, we can play as both the bodyguard of Empress Korvo and his daughter Emily. The characters have a completely different style of play and skill set, which motivates players to go through the storyline at least twice.

5. Dragon Age: Inquisition

An interesting story, well-developed and memorable characters, cool setting, and combat – there is a lot to love here. Here the famous developer reminds us of his ability to create unforgettable stories and interesting settings. Of course, not without some problems: it seems that till the release, the creators could not decide whether they make an open world or not. They wanted to make it Skyrim and then – Origins.

6. Bloodborne

The game, released in 2015, is still considered one of FromSoftware’s best games. It combined the gothic design that made the Dark Souls series with its complex gameplay that punishes the player for sluggishness so famous. But despite the apparent similarities, there are many things that separate these games. Bloodborne, for example, is much faster than its counterparts, and it encourages a more aggressive playstyle. Its Victorian Gothic and Lovecraftian surrealism have created a title unlike any other. In many ways, Bloodborne is the evolution that the Dark Souls sequels were expected to bring but never did.

7. Shadow of the Colossus

It’s not exactly fair to include classic titles that, like Shadow of the Colossus, came out back in 2005 on PS2, but we have an excuse. The Bluepoint Games remake looks so good and feels so fresh that it could be called a reboot of the series. So yes, despite all this, Shadow of the Colossus has every right to be considered one of the best games of this generation. Shuhei Yoshida himself confirmed that every aspect of the project had been redesigned.

Fumito Ueda is known for inventive and unique projects like The Last Guardian, which is another interesting platform video game. But Shadow of the Colossus will forever be his best work. It’s a perfect blend of outstanding visuals, a fascinating world, and the moral dilemma the players face. No other game makes you question your intentions and consider the consequences of your actions.

8. God of War

Although we got used to traditional fantasy with mythical dragons and medieval knights, God of War is something else. Classified as a Nordic fantasy game, it tells the epic story of an aging Kratos as he battles the Scandinavian gods in an attempt to protect his son Atreus.

Excellent graphics, outstanding acting, interesting story, and solid gameplay – you will find all of it here.

9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition

It’s hard to exaggerate the impact “The Witcher” has had on the video game industry. Upon its release, the third The Witcher was an incredible success. Instantly turning Polish developers into true industry stars and making Heralt become a pop-culture symbol.

One of the most award-winning video games in the fantasy genre, it stands out for its expertly woven plot, a huge number of elaborate sidequests, and very elaborate world. There are no voids, no boring give-and-take quests, or insidious microtransactions. And with the release of two voluminous add-ons, it’s almost impossible to be picky at all.

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