Best Places to Visit for Food-Down-Under

If you’re a frequent traveler and you have various interests, visiting new places is always a new adventure. Not to mention the fact that you can visit the same place several times and still find a different focus and learn and experience something new. There are many types of travelers. Some people like sightseeing, while others prefer shopping, visiting cafes or restaurants and food courts. Wine and wellness tourism, as well as recreational sports, are also valid options among many others. Of course, you can also change your focus on different trips, or you might like a bit of everything. Nevertheless, an important part of every trip is definitely the food. Whether it’s your focus or just something you do along the way, you definitely want to eat something tasty and satisfying. That’s where we come in if you decide to visit Australia.

Beef it up

If you’re a fan of beef, then Casino in New South Wales is an obligatory stop for you during your Australian trip. There’s a festival there called Casino Beef Week, and it lasts for eleven days. So, if you can manage to arrange your trip around the end of May or the beginning of June, you’ll be able to attend this awesome manifestation with lots of content for anyone’s taste. The food variety is quite high, and you’ll definitely try some of the best beef you had in your entire lifetime. Moreover, it’s a great chance to extend your trip and pay Brisbane and Byron Bay a visit, so it has multiple benefits.

When in Sydney

People are always rambling about what to see in Sydney and what the main sights are, while nobody ever tells you what food to eat, or at least they rarely do. Surely, in such an urban jungle, you can find plenty of restaurants and food courts to try. However, it’s tough making the right choice in all that hassle. Of course, it also depends on your own preferences, but if you’re looking for a place that has all that you need, but isn’t pompous or too big, look no more for awesome Chippendale restaurants are the right places to be. After seeing the Harbour Bridge and all that walking, it will restore your energy instantly.

All that fungi

Mushroom lovers can truly have a blast strolling through the country and visiting all the charming restaurants having a blast. Unfortunately, there is a shortage in this type of places all over the country. Mushrooms are considered a side dish rather than the main course and you’ll seldom find a place that focuses on them. However, all is not lost as there is the Melbourne Truffle Festival. It’s the greatest truffle festival in Australia and you’re in for a real treat trying out all the dishes that are going to create such harmony in your mouth that you’ll feel like you’re in heaven.

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