Best Places in Auckland to Live in: A Moving Guide for Expats

Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand, both geographically and financially. It has the perfect marriage of urban development and natural beauty, putting it among the top of the places expats want to settle in. About a third of New Zealand’s diverse population of five million wake up every day to its towering skyscrapers amid a scenic backdrop of mountains and waterfronts.

If you want to move here, you are not alone. With its abundance of jobs, pristine beaches, and urban amenities, Auckland attracts 61% of New Zealand’s immigrants. It has many lovely places to live in, from quiet suburbs to coastal neighbourhoods. Reliable truck rental in Auckland is easy to find, so you can try more than one place before settling permanently.

Central Auckland

If you are looking for an urban setting, this is the place for you. Home to the best galleries, street markets, and shops in the city, it is its undisputed cultural hub. It is also known as the central business district or CBD, and rightly so. Most offices are within walking distance or a quick commute away with the Britomart Transport Centre, which makes owning a car moot. Surrounded by the harbour coastline in the north and several major highways, it is a convenient place to get to and get around in.


Only two to three minutes to the west of CBD, Ponsonby is another place bustling with activity but in a more relaxed manner. Its unique independent shops, restored villas, peculiar wooden houses, cafes, and trendy music industry, give it a bohemian vibe that might be a good fit for a younger crowd looking for a varied social life. With your truck rental in Auckland, you can quickly move from CBD’s modern skyscrapers to Ponsonby’s quirky properties. Or vice versa, whichever you find more to your liking.


Once you get to the suburbs of Parnell, you would be surprised that it is only two kilometers away from CBD. It is strikingly quieter than the bustling business district, and its charming period homes and other smaller accommodations are slightly cheaper. You can take lazy walks at the Hobson Bay walkway or relax at the Auckland Domain park. If you want to change the pace a bit, you can go to Parnell Village for some shopping and fine dining.


A little farther away from CBD is Howick. It is a short 30-minute drive on your truck rental in Auckland. The suburban atmosphere here is more noticeable than that of Parnell, with a stronger sense of community perfect for expats who have their family with them.

Parnell has a storied past as one of the first European settlements in Auckland, and their old but well-maintained colonial buildings are a source of civic pride. You can get everything you may need from High Street’s shops, making it a self-sufficient place.


Takapuna is far enough away from the bright lights of central Auckland but still reasonably accessible. It is another place where you can settle with your family. It has the Takapuna Grammar School, several parks and play areas, quiet green surroundings, and endless beaches, making it an idyllic place to raise your kids in.

Auckland’s perfect blend of business and pleasure is a magnet to many skilled immigrants. It is a source of pride for local residents who welcome any and all cultures. Auckland has a diverse mix of nationalities, staying true to the national identity of New Zealand as an ethnic melting pot that is tempting to dip into.

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