Best Parental Control App – FamiSafe Review

The times that we are living in can be characterized by all things shiny and fast. Everyone is all about that good life, with junk, food, branded clothes, and big parties. It doesn’t end here. They want to do it all for the internet. Everything they do, even if it is as simple as having a coffee in a cute coffee shop, they want to post about it on the internet. That’s how crazy we are all about that online life. It is not just the adults or the middle-aged clinging on to their smart devices; children have become a part of this race too.

Children as young as three years old can be spotted shuffling through random videos on the internet. While it might come off as funny or adorable at first, it has become an issue demanding concern from parents. The problem is the amount and type of content that children are exposed to on the internet. There’s no limit on the possibilities of things that you can find online. The curiosity amongst growing children makes them exceedingly vulnerable to content like –

  • Sexual/graphical content
  • Drugs
  • Violence

We tried to make this list as brief as possible because it could go on forever. The things mentioned above are causing maximum damage to underage children. The internet can prove to be a real demon when it comes to innocent minds using it for fun. Half and inappropriate information can scar your child’s mind for a long time. Not to mention but it can even get them into trouble that you can’t even think of.

Can you find a middle ground for this dilemma involving you, your child, and the Internet?

The clear answer is yes. You can simply seek the support you need from a Parental control app. You need it because you can’t trust your teenage boy when you ask him if he had been watching porn or not. In most cases, he will not feel comfortable sharing the truth with you because he knows watching porn is not the right thing to do. We understand the unnecessary stigma around sex, and we need to educate children about it because explicit websites are not the best teachers.

A parental control application will help you beat the dark side of technology with the good side of it. It will directly connect your device to your child’s and let you know what he/she does online. The best part is that you can even control your child’s online activities.

FamiSafe – The best parental control app that you can use free of cost

In this world, where everything comes with a price tag, can you imagine buying your child’s safety for free? Well, FamiSafe makes that dream come true for you. Even though you might be willing to pay any amount of money to save your child from the horrors of the internet, this application will let you do it in the best way possible for free.

Let’s have a quick look at everything that this miraculous application will do for you –

  • FamiSafe tells you about your child’s real-time location and alerts you when he/she is a very distant location that has been marked unsafe by you.
  • FamiSafe lets you know what your child has been watching or reading on the internet, even after he/she deletes the browser history.
  • FamiSafe allows you to block applications and websites on your child’s phone for as long as you want.
  • FamiSafe enables you to set a screen time that focuses on building an excellent daily routine for your child.
  • FamiSafe gives you a daily report of your child’s online activities.
  • FamiSafe sends you parental alerts when something inappropriate is on your child’s screen.

The best thing about FamiSafe is that this application is not meant to exist as an invisible third party that tells on your child all the time. Instead, this application becomes a new family member that guards your child against the ill effects of the internet and technology while strengthening your bond with your child. In addition to that, FamiSafe gives you these extra benefits as well –

  • You can protect as many as five devices with the monthly FamiSafe plan.
  • Your data is safe and secure with FamiSafe.
  • FamiSafe customer support is more than happy to help you any time you want.
  • FamiSafe saves your child from online harassment, bullying, and suicide provocative content online.

However, you will need to have clear communication with your child about any parental control application that you use because children don’t like to be spied on. While we know that growing children are often irritable, but, if you tell them that you trust them, but you are using FamiSafe to protect them, we are sure that they will cooperate.


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