Best Paleo Meal Replacement Shakes Buying Guide & Review

Although paleo diet has been in existence for much longer than a lot of people are aware of, it has become very popular in recent times. Paleo diet is a diet type that involves feeding on diets that are farm-fresh, natural, and free from additives and preservatives. It is a diet type that can be traced to the Paleolithic era. In the Paleolithic era, people basically fed on meals that they laid hands on through gathering and hunting. These meals were fresh and were eaten almost after they are acquired.

How to Get the Right Paleo Meal Replacement Shakes

When looking to buy paleo meal replacement drinks, you should always be on the lookout for meal replacements that are rich in proteins and calories. This way, you can always feel satisfied after taking foods in their liquid state. The best paleo meal replacement shakes are not just filling, they are very delicious and nutritious and can always be relied on by people with very fast lives.

If you are interested in feeding on paleo meal replacement shakes very frequently, then, you must know what some of the best paleo meal replacement shakes are. Read on to find out some of the paleo meal replacement shakes that you can always count on.

Designs for Health

From the name of the paleo meal replacement shake, you can tell that it is one that can go a long way to boost your health. It is free from glutens, is non-GMO, and does not contain hormones. Furthermore, each serving of this meal replacement shake contains 17 grams of complete protein, low- glycemic impact, and healthy fats. Due to the presence of the low-glycemic impact in this paleo meal replacement shake, your body is able to take in nutrients at its own pace. This way, you can always have total absorption.

When you purchase this paleo meal replacement shake, you can enjoy either vanilla or chocolate flavor. This is in addition to 15 servings in each 11-pound container.

FIT 365

This gourmet shake is not just keto-friendly. It is also paleo friendly. Furthermore, it is free from soy, gluten, artificial flavors, artificial ingredients, and sweeteners.

Fit 365 is rich in certain ingredients. Some of these ingredients are 6 grams of fiber which is plant-based, 6 grams of coconut milk (organically occurring) in each serving, and a 21-gram count of whey (grass fed protein). The presence of six (6) grams of fiber that comes from plants in this meal replacement drink means you can stay full for a long time after feeding on it. In addition to staying full for a long time, there are other benefits associated with consuming Fitb365. One of them is a healthy gut because of the presence of lots of probiotics in each serving of Fit 365.

Although Fit 365 has lots of amazing qualities, some of its bad sides are it can only be purchased in the 14-ounce bottles and contains just 190 calories in each and every serving.

Ample Meal

Ample meal has a reputation for being paleo-friendly, BPA-free, Soy-free, gluten-free, as well as, free from artificial sweeteners.

Ample meal is flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. Also, it has a creamy texture. Once you purchase an Ample meal, all you need to do is mix it with milk or cold water and it will be ready to be taken. Each bottle of Ample meal contains 400 calories, four grams of sugar, 27 percent protein, healthy fats, and is 54% premium.

Ample meal has lots of good qualities that can always keep you coming back for more. At the moment, it does not have any quality that can be considered negative.


Rootz is rich in protein, is keto-friendly, and paleo-friendly. It is free from gluten, soy, and dairy. Also, it does not contain any additives, artificial ingredients, and sugar.

Rootz is rich in electrolytes, blend of greens, and ample protein. It is low in calories and contains just 93 calories in each serving. This makes it one of the best paleo meal replacement drinks that does not come with lots of calories. Due to this, it might not be ideal for people with very large appetites.

If you are interested in trying out this paleo meal replacement option, always bear it in mind that you can only enjoy it in a banana and nut and chocolate flavor. If you are not comfortable with this flavor, then, this just might not be an ideal paleo meal replacement brand for you.

Complete Life Nutrition

Contained in Complete life nutrition is a good amount of vitamin B, as well as lots of natural ingredients that are free from allergens, soy, dairy, corn, and gluten. By taking this paleo meal replacement, you can keep your body free from unwanted wastes and also ensure that your liver stays clean.

By taking this paleo meal replacement shake, you can have access to 15 g of protein in each serving. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with what you get from this paleo meal replacement shake, you can always get a refund as it features a money-back guarantee.

Primal Kitchen

Apart from containing two (2) grams of naturally occurring sugars in each and every serving. This paleo meal replacement shake has one of the best quality fats that can be found in a paleo meal replacement shake. In addition to having good quality fats, Primal kitchen contains carbohydrates in very low amounts. Due to its composition, Primal kitchen can always be depended on if you are looking to keep your body full and at the same time develop lean muscles.

There are lots of benefits associated with taking primal kitchen. One of these many benefits is the presence of vital prebiotics that ensures your gut stays healthy. Furthermore, you can enjoy primal kitchen in two flavors. They are vanilla coconut and chocolate. In addition to all this, this product comes with 21 servings. While it is amazing that it comes with 21 servings, it has a major downside. This downside is the number of calories in every single serving is just 190 calories.

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