9 Best Orbeez Gun For Kids and Adults You Should Buy

Best orbeez gun is the latest trend in the market of toy guns, shooting bright and hydro orbs that are safe for kids of all ages. I have used different toy guns and did a lot of research about these guns then I came up with the Orbeez guns. The orbeez market has constantly evolved in recent years, and I saw various cool orbeez guns in 2022  and more unique models coming in 2023.

These firearms, in my opinion, are the most popular ones available in the toy industry and offer children and adults countless hours of enjoyment. I heartily suggest these firearms because they are well-made. I’ve discussed the top 9 Orbeez guns in this post, which will help you learn about the newest trends in the toy industry and help you decide which one is worth purchasing. 

History of Toy Guns

Nobody can deny that children love playing with toy guns. Whether it is an abasic water gun or a more complex Nerf gun, there is something about shooting foam darts at friends or foes that never gets old. But from where did my interest develop in toy guns? 

Since children played with toy guns in China during the 13th century, I believe the history of toy weapons to be lengthy and fascinating. Another interesting aspect is the toy gun’s construction from wood or clay. 

As toy guns gained popularity in Europe in the 17th century, boys began to create their toys out of wood or metal. It took until the 19th century for the market for manufactured toy guns to grow.

By the 20th century, I saw a great change in the toy gun market, with various companies, including Diasy Manufacturing Company and Mattel getting in on the action. Today I can see that toy guns are more in trend with unique designs and features that attract children of all ages.

Why Do We Love Toy Guns So Much?

There are many things that I love most about toy guns. Some of them are given below:

  • Firstly, toy guns are just simple and enjoyable.
  • They also let my imagery go wild and play out an exciting framework in my mind.
  • It also helps me to develop hand-to-eye coordination and learn about reason and effect.
  • A unique feature of the popularity of toy guns is that they remind me of a simpler time. In today’s complex and stressful world, picking up a water gun and enjoying old-fashioned fun is good.
  • With all these facts in mind, the orbeez gun is the latest trend among kids of all ages. 

What is the best Orbeez Gun?

In searching about orbeez guns, I found that these guns are also known as Hydrogel or Orbeez blasters and Water bead guns. This shows that they are popular in the toy market. Orbeez is a small, ball-shaped pellet that can be utilized in various toys.

I like that these guns come in various colors and shapes, including pistol and riffle designs that make them unique and adventurous for the kids. I also appreciate that these guns are easily operated and maintained, providing endless fun for everyone.

I also find that these Orbeez blasters are trending on social media platforms like TikTok, with challenges like “orbeez guns.” These water guns shoot soft hydro orbs instead of normal water from the guns. And they are as enjoyable as they sound.

These guns first became popular in Asia, but with time, as more children like these toy guns, how easy to use and enjoyable these guns reached the market in the United States. One thing about these guns that attracts me is that they can be played indoors and outdoors, making them a super choice for people who don’t want to go outside like myself due to the extremely hot and cold weather.

These guns are a blast whether I’m playing shooting targets or tagging with my friends. So if you are looking for fun, easy-to-use, and affordable toys for your kids, I highly recommend these Orbeez guns, especially during summer.

Benefits of Orbeez Guns

In today’s world, I believe that Orbeez guns are more famous in the toy market. Kids of all ages enjoy them and can spend hours playing with these Orbeez guns. Some of the potential benefits I discussed below:

  • One potential benefit I noted is that these Orbeez guns are best for developing fine motor skills. Releasing the trigger and watching the Orbeez shootout requires great power and hand-to-eye integration.
  • I appreciated that these guns also help children understand the reason and effects. For instance, when children play with their Orbeez guns, they start understanding when they apply pressure on the trigger, the Orbeez will come out.
  • Orbeez guns are fantastic for encouraging active play. Without even realizing that they are doing exercise, kids and grownups like myself enjoy following each other around and shooting Orbeez so much.
  • I also consider these guns ideal for gatherings with friends and family. They’re an excellent way to engage everyone and make things enjoyable.
  • Because Orbeez guns are reasonably priced, they make excellent birthday or holiday presents.

If you want an enjoyable and educational toy, I highly recommend these Orbeez guns. Your kids will love playing with these guns, and you will also love seeing them develop important skills

How to Use an Orbeez Gun?

The first thing that is important for the usage of guns is the orbeez beads. These beads are made up of water-absorbing polymers and keep a large amount of water compared to their weight. These beads are small and vibrant in color, making them more attractive to me. 

These small beads come in a package of 50,000 small pellets and must be dipped in water briefly. I recommend that these small beads dip in water for at least eight hours or more, so they can easily expand. Once done, they will grow to the size of the stone.

One feature I like about the Orbeez gun is that they come with a tank or reservoir on top of it. The tank is filled with beads, and a trigger is pulled to release the string of beads. Many other orbeez blasters in the market have different settings and attachments, allowing them to perform different stunts and tricks.

I especially value that children and adults of all ages can safely use these gel beads. These beads are environmentally safe and biodegradable because they are made of water, and Additionally, they are delicate and soothing on the skin. So I highly recommend these because they are among the few toys that help to protect the planet Earth.

What Are Some of the Potential Uses for the Orbeez Gun?

  • I can use the orbeez guns differently depending on my creative skills and originality. Some of the various uses of these guns that I find effective are given below:
  • It can help decorate rooms or surfaces with vibrant orbeez patterns.
  • I can use orbeez to create sculptures or shapes.
  • I can also play games like target shooting or attempting to hit moving things with orbeez.
  • I like how the Orbeez can be useful in sensory play by letting kids touch and play with its texture and movement.
  • Used the orbeez to make paintings or mosaics.
  • Finally, I also utilize the orbeez for scientific research, such as assessing their qualities or seeing how they respond to various stimuli.

How Far Can Orbeez Guns Shoot?

In my experience, the range of the orbeez gun can depend on several factors, like the size and design of the gun, the quantity of water in the gun, and how much pressure I applied to the trigger. Generally, I note that most orbeez blasters are designed to shoot at a short distance, usually a few feet. 

But with regular practice and experiments, I can increase the range of orbeez they can travel. Safety is another important aspect for me to safely use the orbeez gun and prevent aiming the gun at people or the things that the orbeez can damage. 

I think most orbeez guns or orbeez blasters can shoot up to 100 balls per minute, and some can shoot about 1400 balls per minute.

Some of the Best Orbeez Gun to buy

1. Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster


An Anstoy gel ball blaster is one of my favorite Orbeez Blasters on the market. The gun’s ease of use and compatibility with a Gen 8 Gearbox and a 7.4V battery is what I like most about this toy gun. I also like that it is made of strong plastic material and has a premium quality ABS and nylon body.

It also has a twisted lock buffer tube and handguard, which I find interesting because it ensures that Anstoy M4a1 will work every time the trigger is pulled. The Anstoy M4a1 has a unique feature in that it employs inexpensive, environmentally friendly water gel bullets that are simple to clean. I can play with this toy gun on the field for a long time without getting my clothes dirty.

I enjoy that its clip can contain up to 200 gel bullets, and I can enhance its capacity to match my needs by adding a drum clip that can hold up to 100 rounds. Also, what stands out is that it has a detachable scope, the front sight, a 7.4V chargeable battery, a USB charging wire, 2500 gel bullets, and safety glasses.

Overall, the Anstoy M4a1 Gel Ball Blaster is a great orbeez gun that can be used by players of all skill levels, from beginners to experts.


  • Easy to clean
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Cheap
  • Durable Synthetic design
  • Smooth and Powerful Performance with Gen 8 Gearbox


  • Maybe too heavy for younger children
  • Difficult to handle
  • Sighting telescope may not be accurate

2. M416 Gel Ball Blaster with Drum


One of the frequent blasters I use is M416 Gel Ball Blaster with Drum, specially designed for adults. It has a dual-mode design that lets me switch between its modes, like automatic and semi-automatic modes.

I appreciate its 1400 extra-large capacity with a long-lasting drive motor and convenient water bomb supply method. What differentiates this from other blasters is that it comes with various accessories, a normal clip, a sight, strap, and gel ball storage.


  • Dual-mode
  • Upgradeable Gearbox
  • Luxury Accessories
  • 1400 extra-large drum capacity
  • Adjustable length
  • Super Customer Service


  • Difficulty in loading the drum 
  • Require careful maintenance
  • Expensive

3. JM-X2 Gel Ball Blaster Pistol


As an avid user who enjoys shooting team games, I recently tried the JM-X2 gel ball blaster. Here is what I thought about it:

It has a sleek, modern appearance with red writing, which I thought was extremely nice. It’s pleasant for a long period and lightweight and simple to hold. 

Regarding performance, it has a quick rate of fire and a decent range, making it simpler to strike the target at a distance. I found the accuracy is decent, although some effort is required to become a master.

I like that I can easily customize the blaster, for one. I may install extras like a grip and a sight to increase my accuracy and make the blaster more comfortable.


  • High firing rate
  • Good range and accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable 


  • Limited ammunition capacity
  • Low durability

4. Tansar Gel Ball Blaster


It hands down the other orbeez guns that I have used. It is best for outdoor fun. I’m impressed with its safety features that allow kids to use all their energy and keep them away from technological devices. I also like its high firing rate and good range. With this, I can shoot the target that is 100 feet away. 

The water gel beads launched by the splatter blaster toy will explode when hit, so I don’t need to recycle or clean them. If you’re having trouble deciding what to get for your kids, I highly suggest this Tansar Gel Blaster, and it’s a suitable gift for kids aged 10 and up.


  • For both adults and kids
  • Smooth shooting
  • Fast speed
  • Long range
  • Safe for kids


  • Easy to get jammed
  • Common design
  • Weak battery
  • Hard to install and short duration

5. Lighting Gel Ball Blaster


A light gel ball blaster that glows in the dark is one of the favorites I recently used. The first thing that caught my eye was its dual luminous gel ball blaster with LED and fluorescent lighting. This gel ball blaster set includes 10,000 bright gel bombs and 40.000 regular bombs.

Regarding its performance, the 3rd generation gearbox allows me to shoot for a long time, and I also appreciate its robust, strong, and waterproof design. This fully automatic luminous gel blaster contains a detachable and rechargeable battery, and I also find it convenient to add accessories to my preferences. It is perfect for outdoor shooting game lovers like me and highly recommended for older adults above 12.


  • Easy to use 
  • Higher speed
  • Latest generation wave box 3.0
  • Luminous Ballistics Effect 


  • Large compared to other blasters

6. SOCBC Splatter Ball Gun


As an avid gel ball user enthusiast, I recently got my hands on an SOBC splatter ball gun which is a good choice for a person like me who wants to enjoy their orbeez shooting games. An interesting feature is that it comes with a rechargeable electric automatic gel ball blaster gun. 

Its large drum magazine can hold up to 40000 splatter ball guns, and I have ample ammunition to sustain me during intense battle without frequent loads. Regarding its performance, it allows me to strike 8-15 balls per second, and it covers a long distance of above 100 feet. This stands apart from other gel ball blaster guns because it is CPSC/CPC and ASTM certified, so I’m relieved of getting high-quality safety.


  • CPSC/CPC and ASTM certified
  • Long range of above 100 feet
  • High performance
  • Automatic shooting


  • Expensive
  • Short battery life

7. Coriardo Large Gel Splatter Blaster


As a shooting and outdoor games lover, I also used this large gel splatter blaster gun for fun. One of the best features that attract me to this orbeez gun is its three shooting modes: single, burst, and automatic. It has a shooting range above 70 feet, and I can hit 6 shots per second. I also appreciate its large magazine capacity that it can hold above 50,000 plus round gel beads ammunition

I also ensure the safety protocols when using this Coriardo Splatter Blaster Gun. Before using the gun, I charged it for a maximum of two to three hours to easily enjoy my game without hassle. Ensuring the use of infrared goggles to protect my eyes from any damage. Last but not least, I also ensure that gel balls are soaked in water for 3 to 4 hours before I can use them.


  • Three shooting modes
  • 50,000 plus gel beads
  • Infrared goggles
  • Best for outdoor shooting games & backyard fun


  • Too powerful for beginners
  • The soaking time of gel beads is long

8. Electric Gel Ball Blaster


The electric gel ball blaster gun I found from the MSMV brand is a high-quality gun, and it comes with 60,000 plus gel balls ammunition to prevent me from frequent loads during the game. One of the best things about this gun is its automatic electric mode and emergency stop switch to stop the gameplay whenever I’m in a hurry. It also comes with infrared goggles that help me to protect my eyes from harmful effects during the game. 

What sets this electric gel ball blaster gun apart for me is its advanced power system that lets me shoot up to 10 shots per second and increase its ranges to above 30 meters, making it an excellent choice for me and anyone who is either a beginner or expert shooter. One of the biggest plus points is that CPSC/CPC and ASTM certification ensures I receive the best rated Orbeez gun regarding safety.


  • Electric automatic mode
  • 60,000 plus a round of ammunition
  • Emergency stop switch
  • CPSC/CPC & ASTM certified for safety 


  • Limited range – 30 meters 
  • Short battery life

9. SplatRball Water Bead Blaster


This toy gun is an excellent pick for me because it can fire at speeds of up to 200 fps or more. Your children won’t be dissatisfied if you give them this. This model provides me with 400 rounds in the gun, so I think this gun will be best for kids who want to play for a long time and have a rechargeable battery. I also appreciate its ergonomic design barrel in a horizontal position that is helpful for me to aim at different objects.

In my opinion, the water gel ball blaster technology of the SplatRball SRB400 is one of its important features. The gel ball makes a mess-free experience because they split on hit and dissipate completely once dried. This is the biggest plus point when I compared it with similar products like Aqua Storm and Blitz, which sometimes leave behind a sticky residue or need cleanup.

The fact that this model is fun to use and is something I value, whether I’m playing outside or looking for new exercise ideas. I think it is ideal for children and adults, and because of its high-quality, durable design, it is made to last.


  • Durable synthetic design
  • High firing rate
  • 400-round magazines for extended use
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Suitable for a wide range of users (14 years>)
  • Complete kit


  • No eye protection
  • Gel balls may be difficult to find in a few areas

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Orbeez Guns

Orbeez blasters or guns are small toys that use tiny bouncy balls called Orbeez to shoot out of the gun. In my experience, these latest toy guns are famous among kids, providing them with hours of fun and engaging them in gaming activities. As an avid lover of shooting games, when I bought the Orbeez guns for me, there were a few factors that I kept in my mind:

Type of orbeez gun

Regarding the types of Orbeez guns, I discovered that there are two types, air-powered and battery-powered. Air-powered guns are more powerful and can shoot Orbeez at long range. However, it is costly and needs an air compressor to operate. But in comparison, I find that battery-powered orbeez guns are less powerful but more reliable and easy to use, and for this, I don’t need an air compressor.


Orbeez guns come in various sizes, and when it comes to me, which gun is best for me? It depends on my preferences whether I want to use it for a smaller or larger range. I noted that smaller Orbeez guns are easier to use, and I can easily carry them around. However, one downside is that they cannot shoot as far as larger ones. I also consider the age and hand size when selecting the gun so I can easily hold and operate the toy safely and with ease.


Regarding choosing the Orbeez blaster, I also find it important to check the gun’s warranty. Because some orbeez guns come with a warranty of above 1 year, the producer of guns will replace or repair the gun if I accidentally damage it within the given warranty time.


I also read the reviews of other customers before purchasing Orbeez guns. The customer reviews can give me an idea about the pros and cons of the different guns, which can help me, make a proper and informed decision.


Another thing that I consider before making any purchase is I set my budget. The Orbeez gun prices depend on the gun’s type, size, and brand.


Lastly, it is also important to consider safety, and I highly recommend considering your child’s safety when choosing the Orbeez gun. In this regard, you should select a toy made up of non-toxic materials that don’t have tiny parts that will cause choking.

Additional Consideration

There are a few other things that I consider when buying the Orbeez guns:

Orbeez balls

Orbeez balls are required for the Orbeez gun to work properly and efficiently. So, I also ensure that these guns come with significant numbers of balls or prefer to purchase additional orby balls separately.


Some guns are compatible with various Orbeez balls, like glow-in-the-dark or scented balls. So I prefer to choose those guns that perfectly match those Orbeez balls.


The different manufacturers make these guns, so I also consider the reputation and quality of the brand when choosing the guns that will ensure that this toy is safe and trustworthy. You can also use the buyer guide I mentioned above for the best Orbeez gun to buy for adults.


After reading this article, you already know which toy gun you should buy. The market of Orbeez guns is constantly evolving, and new models and brands are added monthly. Generally, Orbeez guns are good for children and adults of all ages. In my opinion, these toy guns can help improve hand-to-eye integration and active play. Additionally, I find them great for parties and group events. By considering the factors like size, type, safety, price, and capacity, I can choose the best Orbeez gun, which is perfect for me.

Frequently Asked Question

These guns are considered safe toys and are not illegal. These are not actual weapons and don’t use any exploding material, so they don’t cause any damage to people and property. However, as with many other toys, it is also necessary to use an orbeez gun safely and appropriately. Lastly, every country has laws about the orbeez gun, gel, blasters, or any other toy gun, so it is important to check the local laws and regulations before buying these guns.

Are Orbeez guns safe?

Yes, Orbeez guns are safe to use, and they won’t leave stains or do any damage because they are non-toxic and biodegradable. Most guns come with infrared goggles that help protect your eyes from damage as you play games. When using an orby gun, it is also important to follow the instructions when using these guns and ensure that all players are wearing safety gear before starting a game.

Does an Orbeez gun hurt?

An orbeez gun is unlikely to cause discomfort or injury when used appropriately and safely. These toy guns are not real weapons designed to shoot soft, hydro orbs at a short distance.

An orby gun should be used properly and carefully, just like any other toy or instrument, and it should never be pointed toward anyone it might harm. When young children use an orbeez gun, it is also a good idea to watch over them when using one.

How should an Orbeez gun be cleaned?

These guns are very easy to clean and maintain. After every use, remove all the gel balls from the chamber and clean them with a moist towel. The orby gun also comes with protective goggles; you may remove them and wash them in warm water. Your orbeez guns must be clean to work effectively and for a long time.

What are the best brands for gel blasters?

Some of the best brands for gel blasters include Amazon, CAISSA, Gel Blaster, NERF, and UnlocX.

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