Best Niches for Online Courses in 2020.

The increase in tuition fees and the time it takes to get a degree is what is affecting the rise in Online Courses. Most individuals keep an eye out on courses that focus on their hobbies, special skills, and things in which they are a subject matter expert.

In the comfort of your own home, you can find online courses that you might have a passion for. Online or E-Learning sites provide the necessary training, notes, and other academic activities to prepare you for your chosen expertise. Coursera has been one of the leading e-learning institutions, and they have currently 47 million registered online learners. With E-Learning sites like, you can check their detailed evaluation of Coursera that will give you an overview of what you are expecting.


These courses mainly focus on lifestyle, which includes travel, beauty, home improvement, food, and many more. For the trip, people get interested in courses that help them improve their household for possible Airbnb hosting and gardening, too. In contrast, people who are interested in topics about health and beauty focus on nail art, fashion and style, cosmetics, skincare, and also weight loss. Aspiring chefs also love taking on courses about food and beverage.

Math and Numbers

We can all agree that for most people, math is tedious and very complicated. But with courses related to math, it has been made exciting. Math is now everywhere. Even in daily activities, it is applied. Some sessions offered for math can start for the most complicated ones, such as Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Probability, Geometry, and Trigonometry. People can also opt to choose money and finance management too, under this course.

Social Science

Many people are now community-oriented and do love interacting with other people, may it be personally or online. Social topics have been more relevant with the help of technology. Some courses you might want to consider under Social Science are Economics, Counseling, Life Coaching, and Social Psychology.


To promote critical thinking and discussion, courses offered under politics have undergone extensive research and impartiality. With everything that is happening in society, people are more interested in being politically inclined. Some people want to dive deeper into these discussions by taking some courses which help them earn more about the ins-and-outs of politics, as well as the ramifications of current political actions. Courses under Politics cover Global diplomacy, Government, Politics, Morality, and Immigration.


Nowadays, entertainment is not just for pure consumption. People are now more into creating their versions of entertainment with the help of the advancements in technology. Entertainment is no longer limited to the TV Screen. Social media is taking its lead as the best platform for entertainment, and it includes video hosting and streaming sites too. Courses offering training and knowledge on all aspects of video production, creation, and distribution, as well as establishing an online entertainment presence on platforms such as Youtube and other social media platforms too, are just some of the topics that can be covered under this category of online courses.

Career and Personal Development

With today’s fast-paced society, there is a struggle for people to become better and do better. Courses offered under Carrer and Personality Development helps individuals gain an understanding of how to address their day-to-day challenges, lower stress, and build essential skills to live a happier life. Most followed topics through this course include Goal setting, Procrastination, Time management, Emotional intelligence, Confidence, Presentation skills, Public speaking, and a lot more.

Writing and Content Creation and Presentation

People are now focusing on creating content that would help them in their plans of maybe building something online or becoming a social media personality, which would help them earn extra bucks as well. These courses are greatly affected by the rise of popularity of social media and other streaming sites too. Some contents under this course include Blogging, Content marketing, Freelance writing, and YouTube video creation.

Whatever course you might have chosen, always remember that it is essential that you know what your passion is. Passion helps the drive in you. Know your strengths, your risk-readiness, and your target audience. By doing these, you know where you definitely would fit.

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