Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Having your own home is a dream that everyone has. And when someone fulfills this dream, it calls for celebration with their near and dear ones. New homeowners throw a housewarming party to celebrate this achievement. Also, they want to show their dream house to their loved ones. Invited to such a party? Don’t go there empty-handed.

Or go with just a bottle of wine. That’s old school. Currently, there are endless options, making better options for a housewarming party. For instance, something personalized is always a good option. As a rule of thumb, give them something useful. Out of ideas? Don’t worry; the below article has got you covered.

Original artwork

New homeowners are still decorating their homes. So, if they love art, get them original artwork from modern times. Find the perfect artwork they will love and will go with their house theme.

Minimalistic dishes

A new home means new dishes. So you can give them a dinnerware set. It is a practical and useful gift. Just find something elegant and minimalistic. No one likes bulky crockery with too much design. A simple, heavy white ceramic set is perfect, like the one from years and days. If you can find authentic designs from local artisans, that is ideal.

A neutral piece of vase

A pretty, elegant, neutral-color vase is a perfect gift for new homeowners. They can put beautiful flowers in it and keep it on the kitchen island or their coffee table. A neutral-colored vase will fit any interior theme, so they don’t have to worry about fitting it in their home.

Essential oil set

This is perfect if the new owner is into scents, good smells, baths, or diffusing oil during normal hours. Find a beautiful organic essential oil set. They will love it, and it makes for an incredible housewarming present.

Magnetic calendar set

Do you know someone who is a type-A planner? For example, maybe your loved one who bought a new house loves to plan out their days and even their weeks. Or maybe they write the grocery list on the fridge to keep them organized. If yes, a magnetic calendar set is perfect for them. They can plan out their day or write a grocery list using it. Moreover, the set comes with erasers, a magnetic pen, and a calendar.

A cool cookbook

If your newlywed friends are moving into a new house, this is an ideal gift for them. And don’t give them just any cookbook. Instead, buy a mixtape potluck from Questlove for them. They will love it as it is a collection of the best recipes from celebrities crooning to their favorite song. Yes, even Martha Stewart has a recipe in it. A perfect gift for a new couple who can cook together and strengthen their bond.

Personalized coffee mug set

Everyone will benefit from a coffee mug set. However, get personalized cups for your friends or family instead of regular cups. If they match their home theme, it will be perfect. If not, you can personalize it by using their initials or so on.

Dessert plate-set of four or six

New homeowners will be on the lookout for new cookware. You can ask them or take a bet without asking. But in any case, they will love a beautiful ceramic set of dessert plates. Get them a set of four or six. It will be an incredible present for them, no doubt.

Scented candle sets

This is perfect if they love burning scented candles to enjoy a relaxing night or having people over. Buy an organic-scented candle set for them. Many companies sell the best-scented candle sets and manufacture organic candles.

Coffee machine

Are they coffee lovers? But they don’t have the best machine for it yet. Then get them a beautiful coffee machine. It is a costly gift, so buy one under your budget. Get them a Chemex, Nespresso, espresso machine, or so on. Knowing how they like their coffee and what machine you can buy in your budget is good.

Presents are an incredible way to welcome loved ones into their new homes. These ideas will help you narrow down the best gifts for them, which are also useful.

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