Best Electric Skateboards – 2024 Buyers Guide

Selecting the best electric skateboards, many people go with the cheap models that are available in the market, without paying any heed to the features that it comes with. Considering that, your budget might be hindering you to purchase the best model available so we are not talking here about buying the costly ones. But you have to pay attention to the following characteristics when selecting a model.


The range of a skateboard is a matter of concern for man people. Consider that you are going from your home to a nearby shop and then back home and the distance of the shop is 6KM. So, on a skateboard, you will be travelling 12 KM as 6 KM (from home to shop) + 6 KM (from the shop back home). So, whenever calculating the range of the board, always keep the distance that you travel on average in your mind. Many boards allow you to travel about 6 miles to 19 miles on a single charge.


Skateboards should be easily portable and there are instances when you will get off the board, going to a shop or entering a mall with the board alongside. So, it has to be lightweight and easy to carry. Generally, they will be around 10 pounds to 60 pounds or more. Choose the one that appears to be convenient for you. The board material, its motors, and other elements add up to the weight.


There are two primary remote controls on offer in the market. One is the trigger and the other is thumb control. Individuals tend to prefer trigger as it works with simple pushing to apply breaks and pulling to increase the speed of the board.


The speed of a skateboard matter and it is about how far you are willing to go in how much time. Usually, you have 12 to 25 miles per hour in terms of top speed for the skateboards. You might have to sacrifice the range for speed or adjust them with each other as you purchase the board.


And lastly, the style of an electric skateboard is there for you to consider. It is a matter of personal preference so we won’t touch it a lot. Just get the one that builds good and appears appropriate to you.

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