Best CFD Trading Strategies To Improve Your Profits

The foreign exchange market is one that hosts a ton of instruments that are used to trade in the market. One such instrument is the Contract For Difference (CFD). This article seeks to highlight the different CFD strategies that can be used to improve your profits as a trader. Get detailed information about the fundamentals of trading and marketing, on this website:

What are CFDs?

A legally binding agreement between a buyer and a seller known as a Contract For Difference (CFD) says that the buyer must pay the difference between the asset’s worth and the asset’s real-time value at the moment the contract is made. This agreement aids the traders and investors in profiting from certain price movements, without even having to own any of the underlying assets in question. However, it should be stated here that the underlying value of an asset is not important, instead, what matters is the price change between the entry and exit points of the trade.

These profits make use of no stock, forex, futures exchange, or even commodity, and offer its traders the advantage of making money from assets, not in their possession. Basically, investors employ CFDs to gamble on whether or not the price of a certain asset will rise or fall. Investors can bet on whether the price of an underlying asset will go either upwards or downwards.

Once the trader who has purchased a CFD discovers that the price of the assets will increase, such trader will offer their holding for sale. On the flip side, where the trader is of the notion that the value of the underlying assets will decline, he can open a sell position.

Several trading platforms offer CFD trading, including notable brokerages such as the MTrading CFD broker. MTrading is one of the foremost online trading platforms that offers its clients a host of instruments that can be traded on the foreign exchange market.

Best CFD Trading Strategies That Can Improve Your Profits

However, this discourse revolves around the strategies that can be employed under CFD trading. These strategies include:

● Range Trading

Range trading is one strategy that is employed in CFDs, such that the traders set rules pertaining to their trades and it is automatically carried out by online trading platforms. Therefore, under this strategy, when the CFD reaches a certain price, it will be set to be bought, but when it dives into another set range, the rule is set to sell. This makes the strategy a mechanical type of trading.

In more discretionary trades, various factors come into play, one significant factor being that the trader is armed with a wide array of analytical tools, which helps such traders identify emerging trends and act upon them by either opening or closing trades.

● Breakouts

Breakouts are more commonplace amongst CFD traders, as it allows the trader to identify a certain key price level for a certain foreign exchange instrument —in this particular context, CFDs. Once the trader has set a price and the price of the assets hits that level, the trader either buys or sells, depending on the trend of the market.

One determining factor in using this strategy is ensuring that you avoid trades when there are no clear signals from the market that indicates the emerging market.

● Contrary and Investing

This strategy employs the timing of the market. One vital principle under this strategy is that the trader uses the fact that trades are temporary to trade the forex market. Once the trader notices that there is a decline in the price of an underlying asset, the trader picks a where they believe will be one to the termination of the trend.

This then spurs the trader to buy in the opposite direction of the decline with the same CFD.

● Trend Following

This particular strategy is one that is employed over a longer period of time. Under this strategy, the traders tend to hold the CFD for a period of time that may stretch for weeks or even months, riding the price trend until its conclusion.

The wave theory in forex helps traders who employ this strategy to identify a particular trend, even though the traders in this particular instant are not actively buying and selling. Rather, they ride out the positions and eventually close them when their analysis indicates that the wave has peaked.

● Rebate Trading

Additionally, rebate trading ensures that the traders are less concerned about the movement of prices, but rather focus their attention on the rebates that several brokers offer. This is a significant source of profit for most traders, making this strategy quite popular amongst traders.

These rebates offer the traders a significant amount of cash back after a certain volume of trade has been completed over a specific period of time. Therefore, the more trades made, the greater the trader’s rebates.

● Scalping

Finally, another popular active trading strategy is known as scalping. This is where the trader uses technical analysis that primarily focuses on the historical movements of price to predict the future movements of CFDs, allowing the trader to set up vital trades.

Scalpers can either be discretionary or mechanical. They can also elect whether to manually trade on the online trading platform or use Expert Advisors (EA) or even trade robots.

Automated trading helps the trader to execute a trade, based on predetermined criteria and a set of rules by the trader. The time frame involved in this strategy, as well as the amount of time that trades are active, is the shortest among all trading strategies.


There are various trading strategies that one can employ when trading CFDs. It all boils down to preference and expertise in the market. You can access CFDs through the MT4 trading platform MTrading engages. MTtrading is known for its easy-to-use interface and simple functionality, helping traders quickly make profits across the globe.

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