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Underwear is one of the debates that have always divided men. The debate mostly surrounds the choice on which model of underpants to wear, if the boxer or the slippers. This dilemma has accompanied the men since they started putting on a brief, but, even today, this continues to be a question with no definitive answer, at least until now, because today we will try to resolve this particular debate. Or better, let you have the final say after exposing everything about both garments.

Before entering into the debate about what types of design each one has, the use of colors, etc., the first reason to choose briefs or slippers must be based on the advantages and inconveniences for health.

Various kinds of mens underwear are available that are comfortable to wear.


The variation of temperatures is a key factor. The use of underwear should not be taken lightly, since the consequences it can have on men’s health can be very harmful, for example, in matters of fertility.

Several studies indicate that the use of tighter underpants impairs the possibility of having children. This is because, when using a tighter type of underwear, the testicles do not separate from the body (which is their natural position), and this causes their temperature to rise, and therefore, the quality and quantity of sperms are reduced. The testicles are located further apart from the body to be able to regulate their own lower temperature (which is around 35 degrees Celsius).

One of the problems that can develop due to testicular hyperthermia is varicocele, which affects 1 in 6 men. It develops small varicose veins that are located in the scrotal bag and act as a radiator that emits heat to the testicles.

But this problem does not occur only due to the use of tighter underpants such as slippers, but also because of the use of wearing tight pants, wearing synthetic cloth garments or to hold the laptop in your lap continuously (since it emits heat during use).

Even so, making it clear: the use of slip briefs will not make halter your ability to have children, but rather less. The quality of the semen is reduced, but for that reason, you will not stop being fertile. Although the boxers are more recommended in this section, you can also wear a slip, as long as the size and quality of the fabric are optimal for the area and that allows the genitals to perspire.


Underwear of this type usually has a unique style. The boxer briefs model is recognized as a type of garment longer than the rest, and also leaves much greater freedom and ease than others offer.

Boxer designs tend to be much more oriented towards a more adult audience (twenty years old included), so they are mostly available in plain colors that may be accompanied by some stripes or frames, but that is also not widely used in excess, at least not in the most.


One of the main advantages of slip briefs is that they do not wrinkle because of the rubbing of the pants, so that discomfort is banished. This type of garment is better for when summer arrives since the distinction of discomfort between slip and boxer is eliminated. You are going to have a horrible heat problem between them equally, but at least, the slippers help you keep some parts cooler, that is the part of the thighs that are usually covered by the boxer.

In summer, slippers become a good option.

On the other hand, the slip model presents classic designs, with plain colors, but they also offer more exotic and experimental designs with drawings and bright colors.


Hipster briefs

Instagram has nowadays given rise to many health experts and designers altogether and coming up with creative ways to help the society by working with each other, and the undergarment industry has not been missed out by their attention either.

Yes, there seems to be a middle ground between both sides, which is also one of the most widespread versions among the male audience. That is the hipster briefs, which has the best of boxers and slippers.

This type of underpants is tight enough to hold the grip but without discomfort. Besides, this type is not usually long, so forget about wearing very small short pants. In the case of boxers, we find it unique and colorful designs, so that they are usually targeting a younger audience.

Long johnson

This type of underpants may be the least known. It is the longest model of all since it covers from the waist to the ankles. Besides, they fit the legs. They are very similar to the old tights.


Hanes cotton interiors

Package of 3 interiors Hanes brand made 100% cotton. They have an elastic band on edge for a better fit, and their cut and design make them comfortable and breathable. They are available up to size XXXL.

These classic design interiors are ideal for everyday use and feel comfortable at all times. Its material makes them soft and fresh, so they will not cause you any discomfort.


It has made with special materials to make it fresh, adjustable and easy to dry. It has an elastic waist that maintains its shape even after washing. Its special design makes it comfortable and is available up to size XXXXL.

These colorful interiors are super comfortable and fresh. Its design allows you to sit comfortably without feeling tight or pressed. They are perfect for the daily or a day of rest.

Ocoatton tall plus size boxers

Ocoatton high-cut boxers made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Its design provides fit and comfort to the body and is available up to size XXXXXXL.

With this set of boxers you can have one for each day and thus always feel comfortable and safe. They offer you an adequate adjustment both in the waist and in the crotch, so you can walk, sit and rest in the best way.

Loose Cotton Boxers

Set of 3 boxers made of 100% cotton with loose design and elastic waistband. They have a small adjustment on the legs so that they do not climb or move from their place. They are available up to size XXXXXL.


These boxers give you the comfort and freshness you need in your day today. Its design gives you a few extra centimeters in the waist area for comfort, and its loose cut gives you support without being adjusted or annoying.

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