Best Of 2024 Adjustable Beds

With the technology innovation, new advancements have been made and the trends are shifted from traditional to adjustable beds. These beds have been extensively popular due to their extra comfort and improved sleep quality.

When you explore the market for versatile beds you need to consider mattress quality, adjustability, affordability, advanced features, app control feature, and more. This comprehensive list of versatile beds will let you discover the coziest bed to experience the sleep that you never had.

Reverie R550 Adjustable power base

This adjustable bed comes with extra features and an adorable design. This adjustable bed includes cutting-edge individual lumbar functionality and gives lumbar support to adjust your spine posture and alignment. This bed also offers pro-grip technology to keep the mattress in position. It also offers 3D wave massage mode with 10 intensity levels to keep you covered in all ways. This adjustable bed can be controlled using an app for more convenience.


  • Lumbar support
  • Lift system
  • LED under-bed lighting


  • No USB port is available

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

Nectar adjustable bed frames are the most affordable adjustable bed with top-notch features. The bed base has special articulation for the foot and head along with special massage features, a USB port, and different modes. This adjustable bed has zero gravity and an anti-snore setting, these beds can be controlled via remote or app.


  • Have under bed lighting
  • Affordable prices
  • Advanced technology
  • Extended warranty


  • Lack installation service

Puffy Adjustable Base

The puffy adjustable base is suitable for four mattress standard sizes and is constructed simply. The bed comes with dual massage zones, a headboard attachment, and under-bed lighting. The puffy adjustable base is constructed with head and foot articulation zones to keep you secure and comfy. This adjustable base offers dual massage zones for couples to meet the needs of each partner.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Underbed LED lighting
  • USB port


  • No alarm feature
  • Assembling can be time-consuming

Nolah Adjustable base

Nolah’s adjustable base offers smart technology and features to ensure your sleep quality. It keeps your spine aligned in natural curvature and does not alter your posture. This bed is controlled via remote so you can easily adjust the foot and head position via remote for a better, pain-free, and relaxing sleep. This adjustable bed has a USB port, ample space, LED lighting, and a mattress retainer bar.


  • Zero gravity setting
  • Constructed with headboard
  • Wireless remote
  • Zero gravity setting


  • Incompatible with certain innerspring


The adjustable bed comes with a combination of comfort, technology, and innovation to level up your sleep quality. From remote control technology to adjustable heights and zones these beds are designed to meet the need of every individual. Investing in an adjustable bed that is worth your money can upgrade your sleep quality providing you with a restful night.

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