Best 5 Plants For College Students

Plants in classrooms can improve students’ performance

Plants in a child’s learning environment enhance concentration and learning ability. Students’ learning and academic performance can be affected by the classroom environment. This improves your ability to learn new things and absorb and remember information. Ornamental plants help to grow a healthy learning environment By reducing the tendency of children to be distracted and allowing them to focus more on their lessons. Below is a list of the top 5 plants for college students.

1. Cactus and Succulents

Succulents and cacti are two of the greatest plants to cultivate in your dorm room. What is the reason for this? Because they are low-maintenance and, above all, they look fantastic! There are numerous variations, shapes, colors, and textures to choose from. Succulents have become one of the “in” plants right now as a result of these factors, and there is a wealth of information available on planting, designing, and caring for them according to Grab My Essay. Cacti and succulents are great choices for busy and stylish students because of their trendy appearance and low water requirements. Students’ attentiveness increased by 70% in lecture halls with plants, inferred to a study given by the Royal College of Agriculture in England. To help you focus, keep a cactus and succulent dish garden on your desk.

2. Ponytail Palm

With stunning ponytail palms, you can add a distinctive touch to your room. Ponytail palm is a low-maintenance and attractive plant with colorful, pom-pom-style foliage that looks vibrant all year. Ponytail palm has a distinct appearance that makes a big statement and distinguishes your dorm from the norm. Headaches and tiredness can be caused by too much carbon dioxide in your home. To aid with these conditions, Grow a ponytail palm indoor and outdoor and in classrooms, which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. This wonderful indoor plant was discovered by NASA to be one of the best plants for air purification. It decomposes poisonous gases to keep the air you breathe clean and fresh. With its bloated brown stem that collects water, the Ponytail Palm has a striking appearance. It helps in boosting students’ mood and enhancing their memory.

3. Ferns

Ferns are another plant you should consider cultivating in your dorm. Although you may envision ferns like the one shown, the truth is that there are many varieties.They are not only available in different colors and textures, but they also come in a variety of leaf shapes according to the top essay writing services who write research paper for me. Another factor to consider is that certain ferns grow to medium size, making them ideal for placement next to a desk or on the floor as long as they receive adequate light. Other ferns stay smaller and are ideal for placing near a window. There are a few medical benefits of ferns listed below;

  • Use for Rheumatism
  • Use for Lungs
  • Use for Blood
  • Use for Digestion and Stomach

4. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a popular houseplant with bamboo-like stems that are straight, curved, or weaved, and lush, bright green foliage. This plant is indeed fortunate, with its preference for low light and capacity to filter dangerous indoor pollutants from the air. According to research conducted by the American Horticultural Therapy Association, students who have plants in their dorms, such as lucky bamboo, concentrate better than those who do not. Keep a lucky bamboo at your desk if you want to improve your grades.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a low-maintenance succulent with long, narrow leaves that are bordered with small, soft teeth. Aloe can survive in a range of situations for a long period with only a little care. Aloe’s sticky insides are said to soothe and heal small burns and cuts, in addition to its exotic appearance.

Having plants around your home, such as aloe, can help you feel more optimistic and well-adjusted.

Final Thoughts

People can concentrate better at home and at work when they are surrounded by plants. According to studies, tasks performed under the calming power of the environment are performed much better and with improved efficiency, leading to higher quality output. Furthermore, spending time outside in a natural setting can increase memory and attention span by 20%.

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