Benefits of Call Tracking for a Call Center

The general fascination of companies with Internet channels of interaction with customers in no way reduces the importance of phone calls. They still remain one of the most effective tools, but on the condition that a team of professionals works in this direction and advanced technologies are in use. Modern technologies are, first of all, call center tracking software. This is what gives the full picture and allows you to get the benefits that lead management provides.

Call Center Software: What is it?

A modern contact center is not just a place where customers call if necessary, but specialists receive calls and answer questions. This is a full-fledged department that provides marketers with huge amounts of data to work with. Previously, only large companies could afford to use support services and their own contact centers and provide them with everything they needed, from equipment to training specialists. Today, all companies have this opportunity.

Call center tracking software are platforms that perform a specific set of functions:

  • Call routing. Automation of answering calls and transferring them either to a free call center employee or to a narrow specialist.
  • Accumulation of subscriber data. Name, presence or absence of previous calls, their date, exact time, subscriber’s reaction.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions. The challenge of the answer to the question posed speeds up the process of processing calls and allows you to quickly close the client’s problem.
  • Transfer of clients. Transfer of a call to technical services, sales departments, etc.

The program recognizes a client that already exists in the database when he is calling, transfers the data to a specialist, and allows him to personalize communication, increase loyalty, and inspire confidence.

In large companies, where the array of incoming and outgoing calls is large, call forwarding automation makes it possible to reduce costs, relieve operators, and eliminate the human factor and errors in processing applications.

You can use call center software in a variety of areas – from retail to the provision of medical or legal services.

Benefits of call center software

Many companies that are just gaining momentum in the business and are starting their active expansion doubt the need to invest in call center call-tracking software. We will outline the main advantages of using such programs for your understanding of their need.

Improving Efficiency

An important factor and advantage are not only increasing the number of processed calls but also the quality of service. Call routing is one of the most effective methods of increasing productivity. When the operator receives all the data on the subscriber before the conversation, he answers the call or makes it much better. Redistributing calls to less busy lines reduces waiting time and allows you to process more messages. Answer more questions and accept more applications. Prepared templates for answers to the most frequently asked questions can improve the quality of service and improve customer satisfaction.

Service 24/7

Round-the-clock support in practice is an expensive service if your company uses the work of operators. If you set up an interactive voice response system in the software, then you can answer customer questions around the clock. The client cannot get all his questions from the machine, but the main and most often problems can be solved with the help of voice instructions. If properly configured, the contact center solution can redirect the subscriber to another channel for more precise instruction.

Team management

For quality service, call center management must understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of operators, and what knowledge agents need. To do this, management can use the following sets of tools:

  • Reporting tools. To analyze the effectiveness and identify methods for improving the work of the center.
  • Analytics tools. Management can evaluate the performance of employees in real-time.
  • Monitoring tools. Used to determine the need for training and its direction.

Simplification of management allows you to increase the efficiency of the team.

Shaping a positive customer experience

Customers do not like staying on the line for a long time, waiting for the operator to answer. Every minute his loyalty falls, his resentment grows. To prevent this from happening, you can use IVR to redirect the call to specialized services or group calls according to the importance of customer issues. Contact center solutions have the ability to offer a callback for a specific time. This is convenient for those who are not able to wait on the line, and for the call center, it allows to reduce the load during peak hours.

Great Opportunities

If a company makes a choice in favor of cloud software, this expands its possibilities to use a virtual call center:

  • Employees work remotely – which reduces costs;
  • More flexible opportunities for the formation of shift work of operators – if you use employees from different time zones, you can ensure round-the-clock work of the call center with “live” operators instead of automatic machines;
  • The ability to recruit more trained and experienced staff – most often, these are remote employees from different regions who prefer remote work.

Ample opportunities for organizing work and forming a professional staff at a lower cost.

Ability to use text messages

In addition to voice calls, call center tracking system software allows you to track and send text messages. You can choose different channels of interaction – social networks, and instant messengers. Customers don’t always want to answer voice calls, so text messages increase leads and engagement. Also, text messages allow you to make the interaction more personal.


Customers are more willing to spend money in companies where a high level of personalization of communication. Signs of attention, respect, address by name, a reminder of past appeals – all this increases loyalty. All this data is received by the operator during an incoming or before an outgoing call.

Another point is that the client does not have to tell the entire history of calls to the company, the operator will already know it, which reduces the call time and improves the quality of interaction.


The use of call center software is of practical importance not only for efficiency but also for savings. Using various forms of software such as hosting, cloud computing, and on-premises solutions. Call tracking is a convenient and practical tool that all companies need to use both for interaction with customers and for collecting data for building marketing strategies and sales planning.


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