Ben Crump Net Worth: The Journey of a High-Powered Attorney


Ben Crump net worth is a topic that sparks intrigue, partly due to his high-profile legal career and partly due to the varying estimates that circulate online. Known for his unwavering commitment to advocating for civil rights, Ben Crump has carved out a niche for himself in the legal arena. 

His journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of America’s most recognized attorneys is as fascinating as inspiring. This article will delve into the life of this trailblazer, tracing his steps from his early years to his current status as a top attorney. 

We will explore the milestones of his career, personal life, and the factors contributing to his financial success. While we won’t reveal exact figures here, we’ll provide an insight into how this legal prodigy has amassed his wealth—strap in as we embark on this intriguing exploration of Ben Crump’s remarkable journey.

Who is Ben Crump?

Ben Crump is an esteemed American attorney who has made his mark as a civil rights advocate and trial lawyer. Born on October 10, 1969, Crump has devoted his career to championing the causes of individuals and communities who have been wronged or treated unjustly. His specializations include civil rights and catastrophic personal injury cases.

Full NameBenjamin Lloyd Crump
Date of BirthOctober 10, 1969
Age54 Years
Place of BirthLumberton, North Carolina, USA
Height6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight85 Kg
ProfessionCivil Rights Attorney and Founder of Ben Crump Law
EducationBachelor’s Degree from Florida State University, Juris Doctor from Florida State University College of Law
Career HighlightsHe is known for his involvement in high-profile cases related to police brutality and racial injustice.
Awards and HonorsNumerous awards for his legal work and advocacy in civil rights, including an NAACP Thurgood Marshall Award.
PublicationsAuthor of several books and articles focusing on civil rights and legal issues.
Notable WorksAdvocacy for systemic reform in the justice system and efforts to address racial disparities.

Crump is well-known for leading the legal team for George Floyd’s family and representing other high-profile clients. In addition to his work in the courtroom, Crump has held prestigious roles within the legal community. He served as President of the National Bar Association and currently presides over the National Civil Rights Trial Lawyers Association. 

His law firm, Ben Crump Law P.LLC, operates nationwide, serving clients in 81 cities across 26 states. Crump’s commitment to justice extends beyond civil rights. He is also an environmental justice lawyer fighting against social inequality. His work truly encapsulates his belief that justice equals respect. The highly respected and well-known lawyer Gordon McKernan earned his respect and fame through his credibility and wealth.

Early Life

Raised in a lower-income household, his upbringing was modest but filled with love and support. His mother, a hotel maid, and his stepfather, a sawmill worker, instilled in him the values of hard work, determination, and the importance of education from an early age.

Being one of nine siblings, Crump learned the importance of unity and standing up for one another. This sense of justice laid the foundation for his future career. He attended South Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida, where he excelled academically and became interested in law.

After high school, Crump attended Florida State University, where he pursued a degree in criminal justice. His time at university further cemented his passion for law and advocacy, setting him on the path to becoming the renowned attorney he is today. Throughout his journey, Crump has stayed true to his roots, using his success to fight for justice for those who need it most.

Educational Journey of Ben Crump

Ben Crump’s educational journey is a testament to his dedication and passion for law and justice. After completing his high school education at South Plantation High School in Florida, he enrolled at Florida State University (FSU). At FSU, he undertook a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a field that aligned with his strong sense of justice and desire to make a difference in society.

Crump decided to deepen his knowledge of law after completing his undergraduate studies. He continued at FSU, entering the College of Law. His time at law school was transformative, shaping him into the legal powerhouse he is today.

Crump graduated from FSU College of Law in 1995, marking the beginning of his illustrious legal career. His education has been instrumental in his success as an attorney, providing him with the legal insight to fight high-profile civil rights cases and advocate for social justice.

Personal Life

Ben Crump’s personal life is as rich and fulfilling as his professional one. He is married to his life partner, Dr Genae Angelique Crump, and they share a strong bond, often seen supporting each other’s endeavors. They have two children, Brooklyn Zeta Crump’s and Chancellor Crump’s.

Crump is well-known for his dedication to his family. His experiences growing up in a large family have shaped his perspective on life and justice, contributing to his empathetic approach to law.

Beyond his family, Crump is deeply involved in his community. He is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, a historically African American fraternity dedicated to social action, upliftment, and service. He also serves as a Board Trustee at the Florida State University College of Law, his alma mater.

Crump enjoys reading, traveling, and spending quality time with his family in his free time. His personal life reflects his commitment to justice, education, and public service.

Professional Life of Ben Crump

Benjamin Lloyd Crump is an esteemed American attorney at law specializing in civil rights and unfortunate personal injury cases. Crump founded Ben Crump Law PLLC, which operates with the principle that justice equals respect.

Crump has established himself as one of the nation’s leading lawyers and advocates for social justice, winning numerous high-profile cases. His law firm represents individuals and families affected by tragic events, working tirelessly to ensure they receive the justice they deserve.

One of his most notable roles is leading the legal team for George Floyd’s family, further establishing his reputation as a committed civil rights attorney. Crump’s unwavering dedication to justice and service has made him a respected figure in the legal field.

In addition to his legal practice, Crump served as the National Bar Association (NBA) president, further showcasing his commitment to the legal profession and civil rights—the renowned accident attorney Ken Nugent, known for his influence through his involvement in social issues.

Age, Height, and Weight

Benjamin Lloyd Crump, known as Attorney Benjamin or Ben Crump, was born on October 10, 1969, in Lumberton, North Carolina, United States. As of the current year, this makes him 54 years old. His nationality is American, and he’s renowned for his work as a civil rights attorney.

Regarding physical stature, Crump is tall, standing at 6 feet 1 inch, approximately 185 centimeters or 1.85 meters. He carries an authoritative presence, which is further accentuated by his height.

Crump weighs around 85 kilograms, equivalent to roughly 187 pounds. Despite the demanding nature of his profession, Crump appears to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which helps him keep up with the rigorous work requirements. His age, height, and weight underline his imposing presence in the courtroom and outside as he fights tirelessly for justice.

Ben Crump Net Worth

Ben Crump net worth is a point of interest for many, given his influential role as a civil rights attorney. As of 2023, estimates from various sources, including Afrotech, Yahoo Finance, and Equity Atlas, suggest that his net worth is approximately $5 million. However, the Success Bug offers a slightly higher estimate, reporting $18 million.

Crump’s earnings come from his successful legal career, representing clients in high-profile cases. His net worth is expected to grow, with projections for the current year ranging from $7 million ( to $50 million (CA Club India).

However, some sources like Caknowledge and Fresherslive report an exceptionally high net worth of $180 million. While these figures vary widely, they all point to Crump’s financial success, which is a testament to his dedication and achievements in his legal career.

Social Media Profiles

Benjamin Lloyd Crump, more commonly known as Ben Crump, has a substantial presence on various social media platforms. His profiles serve as a conduit for communication with his followers and the general public.

Instagram: On the Instagram profile, under the handle @attorneycrump, Crump shares snapshots of his life and work. He posts updates about ongoing cases, inspirational messages, and glimpses into his personal experiences. This platform allows him to connect with his followers more personally.

LinkedIn: Crump also maintains a professional profile on LinkedIn as attorney crump. He showcases his professional achievements and shares his thoughts on legal issues here. The platform allows him to network with other professionals in his field and engage in meaningful discussions.

Facebook: His Facebook page, attorneycrump, is another forum where he communicates with the public. He shares news, photos, and videos of his work and advocacy, furthering his reach and impact.

Crump’s active presence on these social media platforms demonstrates his commitment to transparency and open communication.


Ben Crump net worth has been a topic of speculation due to his high-profile legal career. Various online sources have estimated his net worth to be between $5 million and $180 million as of 2023. These figures are based on the earnings from his law firm and attorney fees. Considering the range of estimates, it’s clear that Crump’s financial success mirrors his professional achievements.

Predictions of the current year suggest that his net worth could potentially increase. Some estimates predict a net worth of $7 million, while others go as high as $50 million. Despite the varying projections, it’s evident that Crump’s relentless dedication to his profession is likely to yield further financial growth.

In conclusion, Ben Crump’s net worth is a testament to his successful career as a civil rights attorney. His wealth is expected to grow in the coming years, reflecting his ongoing commitment to fighting for justice and equality.

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