Belgium, Corona death toll rises to 4440

Belgium kills 283 coronary patients in the past 24 hours, after that, the total number of deaths has increased to 4440.

103 people suffering from coronas at hospitals and the rest at care, centers died.

According to the Belgian Federal Health Ministry, Last day, 13434 people were tested for Coronavirus, out of which two-thousand new positive cases have been reported.

It is worth mentioning here that today is the 29th day of Lockdown in Belgium,

the above figures are based on 28 days of lockdown.

So far, the total number of coronary virus-infected patients in Belgium is 33573.

The pleasant thing here is that only 250 people were admitted to hospitals on the condition worsening from Corona last day while 239 people returned home after recovering.

At present, a total of 5524 people affected by corona are hospitalized for treatment, 1204 of which are in the intensive care ward.

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