Beginner’s Guide to DJ Equipment

Thinking about DJing as a hobby? If you have a passion for music and enjoy finding new artists and styles of music then this can be a fantastic hobby to start. It can also be daunting at first, especially when it comes to the equipment as there is so much out there and it can be confusing. With this in mind, here is a beginner’s guide that will get you up and running.

DJ Controller

For those just getting started, a DJ controller is often the best choice and can be excellent value for money. Essentially, these are a single unit with two deck sections and a mixer built-in. DJ controllers control DJ software that is running on your laptop or phone and this makes them a quick and easy way to get started and master the basics of DJing. For this, you will simply need a DJ controller, laptop, headphones and speakers.

CDJ & Mixer Set Up

Once you have mastered the basics and are looking to take a step up, you can opt for the more expensive CJ and mixer set-up. CDJs are multi-players that you will see DJs using in clubs, which allow you to mix CDs along with digital music files on USB sticks, flash drives, SD cards etc. For this setup, you will want a pair of CDJs, a mixer, laptop, speakers, headphones and a USB stick.


Many people prefer the experience of mixing with vinyl, which can provide a more hands-on experience and warm sound that is hard to beat. This has a steeper learning curve than digital mixing, but this is a great way to learn and understand the art form of mixing. To get started with vinyl mixing, you will need a pair of high-quality turntables, a mixer, cartridges and needles, slipmats, speakers, headphones and records. Be sure to check out your local independent record store to stock up on vinyl.

Getting Started

This is the equipment that will help you to get started with DJing. As with any new hobby, practice makes perfect so do not get disheartened if you do not take to it straight away. Additionally, the internet is a goldmine for tutorials, guides and advice that should help you to learn the ropes before long. The DJing community is also one that is known to be friendly, welcoming and supportive, so be sure to reach out either online or in your local area for further guidance.

DJing is one of the best hobbies for anyone that has a passion for music and discovering new artists. You need to make sure that you have all the right equipment to get started and it is then a matter of practice makes perfect.

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