Bathroom Renovations: Things to Consider Before Starting a Project

To renovate your bathroom properly you’ll need to set aside plenty of planning time. While the renovation works themselves can be completed fairly quickly –  usually, between one and three weeks – you’ll need to put aside around a month to bring it all together in your mind, on paper, and gather your materials before you can get a team in. If you want to know more about home improvement, visit this site:

Some of the things you’ll need to have done before you can get started on your new bathroom include:

  • Design and layout plan
  • Colour theme
  • Selecting materials and fitting s
  • Knowing what size will fit (including tiles, vanities and door allowances)
  • Purchasing materials
  • Quotes from local tradespeople
  • Completing any council permissions

The extent of your renovations will impact how long the renovations will take, but also how much time you will need to set aside to get the plans accurate. If you are pulling down walls and moving fixtures you will need to spend more time planning, getting permissions and budgeting than if you are completing a small renovation.

When you take the extra time to plan it out you’ll be sure to end up with the bathroom of your dreams you’ll be happy to walk into for years to come.

How do I know what my bathroom renovation needs?

The planning stage is often overlooked or glossed over by homeowners, usually just through enthusiasm to get started but also because it can be surprising just how much is involved.

Failing to plan your project adequately and budget carefully can mean you end up with the wrong features, a colour scheme you hate or a bathroom that is awkward or impractical to use.

Other dangers are significant budget blowouts as well as completion times dragging out if your deliveries haven’t arrived or you have booked tradespeople out of order.

A bathroom renovation is a symphony of moving parts that each need to be completed on time and in order so the next worker can do their job properly.

What order do I need to book tradespeople?

Which labourers you need will depend on how extensive your bathroom works are. Here is a list of who will be needed for a complete bathroom renovation but you may require less for smaller renovations:

  1. Demolition work
  2. Plumbing work
  3. Electrical work
  4. Plastering walls
  5. Waterproofing
  6. Cabinetry installation
  7. Tiling
  8. Fit bath, basins, tapware, shower and toilet (use a plumber)
  9. Fit lighting and heated towel rails (use an electrician)
  10. Fit shower screens
  11. Silicone the joints
  12. Test, clean up and handover

In order to bypass a lot of issues and keep your renovations controlled and orderly you are best to use a professional renovation company for renovation made easy. They will allocate a project manager to oversee everything for you and make sure everything you need is accounted for.

When you take this option you’ll get a professional bathroom designer to come to your home and map out your dream bathroom with you. They know how to point out issues with layout, including features that might be more expensive than you realise such as changing toilet type or basin location. With their help you can quickly and confidently map out your dream bathroom and know it will work out in real world usage.

They will also be able to discuss what permit you need to apply for through your local council and even help out with completing some of the paperwork details.

They’ll coordinate your work team using their own trusted and licensed labourers who will be booked to work on the right task at the right time to get your renovation completed to the highest standard in the fastest possible time.

You can reduce the headaches and uncertainty of trying to plan a bathroom renovation on your own by employing someone who has professional knowledge and skilled experience is what needs to happen to bring your vision to life. If you have short of ideas about bathroom renovation, then visit this website  for further details.

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