If you own a home or rent a small space, then you must know that the bathroom is one of the most important places in your home. Whether you decide to take a quick shower, or spend a little more time relaxing in the bathtub, this is a room where you have to feel comfortable while cleaning up.

When it comes to remodeling your home, the bathroom should not be ignored. Fortunately, there are many trends currently affecting the home advisory world. Each of them can help you create the bathroom that works best for you.

Despite their smaller size, bathrooms are actually quite versatile. If you are a skincare fanatic, you can remodel the place to make it feel like a spa. This is only one example of the trends you can follow when you redesign!

As home advisors, we know that the one thing everybody looks for in a bathroom is cleanliness. This applies to design elements as much as it does general hygiene. The top 3 bathroom trends we will illustrate here address the utility of a perfect bathroom, as well as its aesthetic quality. Remember that you will have to use this room every day, so make sure you choose the right materials and colors before remodeling.

First on our list is the home advisory world’s love for marble. This material has been a must-have design element for a long time. Not only does it give the space a stunning look, it also absorbs water and humidity quickly. Therefore, marble is super easy to clean, while simultaneously impressing visitors and family members.

You can place this material wherever you want, whether it’s on the walls, floors, or countertops. We recommend working with a designer who knows how to pair marble with other materials you want to keep or use in tandem with the renovation. That said, if you use this material in the right place, you will have a bathroom that you can enjoy for a long time.

You can also add some decorative art! Just because the bathroom is being redesigned, it doesn’t mean that adding some art pieces to the room is a faux pas. Sometimes we focus too much on adding pictures and paintings in the living room. After all, that’s where your guests will spend the most time in your home. But more often than not, they will have to use your bathroom at some point!

That is why it is so important to not ignore this room when it comes to installing new artwork. Adding your artistic touch to rooms like bathrooms will make them feel more cozy and comfortable. Start with small canvases and experiment with the changes. Later, you can become more daring and add a bigger painting that pairs with the theme of your bathroom.

Most bathrooms are plain, white, and boring. Try to give a special touch to your room by adding some color! Furnishings exists that will help you achieve just that. We suggest installing some gray cabinetry. Greyscale has been a very trendy color scheme this year, as it matches with almost every color you decide to use in your bathroom.

Gray is the perfect backdrop to any other element you decide to add. Interestingly, a grey cabinet pairs wonderfully with beautiful white marble. That is how two trends come together and that is how you can start having the bathroom of your dreams!

Grays and whites act as a complementary set of colors with almost any other color palette. If you decide to add up some other pieces after the room is done, you can totally do it. This might be the time to experiment with smaller artworks, as they can provide the small splashes of color your bathroom needs!

If you decide to try some of these trends, let us know about your favorite. Should you need any help deciding, remember that we are home advisors! We are here to help you and guide you along the way.

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