Bathroom Material Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Bathroom renovations can be fun for some and a headache for others. Eventually, all this depends on the scale of work, expectations, time, and budget. If you cannot spare enough time and money, you can take small steps to build the bathroom of your dreams and enjoy it too. Otherwise, with all the resources available at your disposal, you should not have anything to complain about or regret. Learning about trendy designs, the latest finishes, and coveted materials is a must in every scenario. You can fall back on your knowledge when you confront any confusion, regardless of whether you take professional help or not.

According to interior designers, choosing the appropriate bathroom materials is essential for its aesthetics and easy maintenance. You can start with this area to understand what you want to make of your private space and how. Some of the widely chosen surfaces for bathrooms are wood, glass, small tiles, terrazzo or marble, etc. Let’s focus on them.


Humans’ closeness with nature can be shrinking due to urbanization or other reasons. But it is hard to resist the attraction of anything natural. Wood tends to be the perfect example in that sense. Many new bathrooms use wood on floors, walls, countertops, and other furniture for their warmth and classy appeal. If you have a modern theme in mind, you don’t need to rethink your decision. Clean and textured wood designs can add to the luxuriousness of this space. If you notice, some bathrooms use wood pallets nowadays. These feel amazing on bare feet and warm too. However, you can balance between cold and warm sensory experiences by mixing wood pallets with tiles.


There cannot be any trade-off for this. Your plumbing fixtures would at least have this as the base for sustainability, sturdiness, and a graceful look. The best thing is you don’t have to settle with boring options. From stainless steel to gold to black, you get plenty of varieties in this material, especially in sink faucets. The new bath faucets from Kraus are fine examples of the amalgamation of modern and contemporary designs. Hence, these can take care of industrial, modern, and glamorous themes effortlessly. Just make sure you opt for matte or satin surfaces, as these are in trend today. For rekindling the 70’s vibe, brass and gold shades can do a brilliant job.

Small Tiles

Tiles have always been there and are still going strong in terms of winning people’s hearts. From mosaics to small tiles, you can find them in exciting variations. Some even buy them in small strips. Besides, if you heard about handmade tiles, these are another option. Handmade-look tiles stand out for their visible imperfections, which make them more rich and attractive. But what makes them unique is their handcrafted design. You can place them anywhere in your bathroom for a charming and individualized effect.

Some homeowners avoid using subway tiles in their bathrooms for fear of it appearing too generic or straightforward. But you don’t need to have any doubts about handmade tiles. They tend to be amazing with their vintage feel. In a few bathrooms, you may come across the combination of natural grain wood and handmade tiles, complementing each other perfectly.

If you plan to go large scale with your renovation ideas, you cannot miss the basket weave or braid tiling pattern, though. It involves a complex set of subway or rectangular tiles. To be more specific, if you lay the first two or more tiles horizontally, the other tiles should sit vertically next to them. And you have to alternate their position every time you create a new set. You can apply this design anywhere in the bathroom to garner quick attention.


If you like composite materials, it can be the way to go. It can be a mix of glass and marble pieces set on vibrant ground concrete. You get them in a polished look. You can use them on the floor to enjoy a sleek and luxurious environment. Many historical landmarks in the US use this material. So, that can serve as a motivation. Anyway, you don’t have to decide your choice based on external influences. There can be an objective approach also. For example, you may consider its pros and cons. In terms of style, you can expect it to offer an extraordinary range of designs. You can opt for a monochrome look to keep things simple yet modern or patterns to add a dose of old-world with opulence.

Interior designers suggest nonporous terrazzo systems for floors for being water-resistant compared to their cement-based cousins. But the challenge with this material is the cost. It tends to be expensive than most other options. So, if you don’t have enough budget to spend on this, you can rely on other cost-effective solutions for a similar yet different kind of impact.

A Point to Consider

In the end, you don’t need to limit your imagination without analyzing and weighing your preferences. Some materials cost more than the others. If you thought of going all out with something but dropped the idea due to the high price, you can contain its application to a specific area. It can be both creatively and mentally satisfying. For example, you can use a mix of glass and wood in the background to create a clean look with a more organic feel.

When you design a bathroom, your decision about each material becomes crucial. These can be instrumental in meeting your taste and design goals. However, if anything goes wrong here, you may regret not paying proper attention. It could pinch more if you went after something despite having limited funds. So, be careful with your selection from the beginning. Sometimes, you may not precisely guess what will work and what will not. If you get into any such dilemma, you can consult your interior designer for clarity. These professionals stay updated with every trend and can recommend a suitable alternative if something doesn’t match the goals. You can trust them to be your guide in these matters.

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