Bathing Basics: Your Guide to Body Wash and Shower Gel

A regular bath is something that’s included in everyone’s routine. With a variety of body cleansers and bath soaps trending on the market, it often gets a little challenging for the user to pick the most reliable and versatile shower product. We all want a nice-smelling, smooth, and versatile shower gel that could help us clean our bodies properly.

You must be wondering about the difference between the body wash and shower gel. The purpose of both formulas is to wash your body and keep it clean, but both products are different in terms of texture.

Shower Gel – Application Methods

As the name suggests, shower gel has a soft and gel-like texture that feels super smooth and light on your skin. You could even use the shower gel on your hair as well as your body. Body wash, on the other hand, has a thin and creamy consistency that provides your body with the required moisture.

Finding the best shower gel or body wash that suits your skin type could be a super tedious task. Walking into the body care aisle, exploring different products, and selecting the best one can get a little tricky. From the floral-scent body wash to the shower gel that creates foam, you get an extensive range of products to choose from. You will also find body care products that come with hydrating properties. The question is, how are you supposed to use the shower gel? That’s what we are here to find out.

  • Apply it With Your Hands

The simplest and fastest way to apply shower gel to your body is by hand. Squeeze a small amount on your palm, rub your hands to create foam, and use it all across your body. Keep scrubbing it gently so that the gel reaches all the crucial spots. Wash your body until your skin feels clean.

  • Try a Loofah

Have you ever wanted to take your shower experience to another level? Well, this is needed in winter when the temperature drops below freezing, and all you want to do is take a nice, relaxing shower. It is a perfect option for those who need extra buffing. This thin plastic-like material gives you a great experience when it comes to cleaning your body.

It will also help you exfoliate your body by removing the layer of dead skin cells. The application is super simple. Take a small amount of shower gel on a sponge and get the sponge wet before rubbing it across your body. Make sure you do not scrub the sponge too hard, as loofah does all the scrubbing job for you.

You must wash the loofah after application. Never keep the damp sponge in the shower, as it will attract germs and bacteria. So, clean the loofah regularly and replace it now and then. If you don’t have a loofah or washcloth, apply the gel with your hand.

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