Backlinks and SEO


Backlinks and SEO go together like bread and butter. The success of any SEO strategy partly focuses on the ability of a company to build ideal backlinks for a website Backlinks are inbound links that redirect visitors to a blog or website. When appropriately used, backlinks become the building blocks for any effective SEO campaign.

The number of backlinks a website generates determines how well a website rank in search engine results.

Backlinks and web content indexing

Search engines like Google make use of search spiders when indexing websites using the quality of backlinks. When a website used high quality backlinks, the web content is likely to be ranked on search results which drives more traffic to the site. This makes the site relevant to search queries.

Use on inbound links shows the importance and relevance of a website. Google is more inclined to trust and rank a site highly in search results if other websites endorse it through backlinks. It is important to remember that backlinks go hand In hand with the quality of your content. Search engines also look at the quality of content in the back linked sites before ranking.

Types of backlinks

Every successful Web Design Company understands the importance of backlink quality. Inbound links have the potential of delivering better results when they are placed correctly within the web page content. Backlinks placed in the middle of web content sentences are ideal for SEO since the content is subjected to carrying the link. These are referred to as contextual backlinks. They are directly related to the keywords and topics on the website pages. Contextual links make the best choice for generating higher ranks than random backlinks.

Quality backlinks take time to build

Adding numerous backlinks abruptly to web pages may not have any critical impact on the site’s SEO. Search engines take into consideration backlinks that are added slowly over extended periods. Getting quality backlinks from reputable websites is a process that takes time. Therefore, these engines have put in place criteria for measuring the quality of backlinks. Any sudden influx of backlinks is flagged.

Some websites backlink to websites that are no related to their web content. The use of farm links may help the site to get traffic in the start but will eventually hurt the ranking of the page in the future.

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Ways to generate backlinks

Submissions to local and online directories

Listing your web page in an online or local directory is the easiest way to get a strong backlink. Directories such as the Yellow Pages, Four Square, and Yelp make it possible for potential clients to find a website. Google My Business pages also allow the listing of businesses or sites on Google maps.

Blog commenting

Businesses can find authoritative blogs or websites and become contributors to the forums. The ideal is to leave a link to a site when leaving comments on these forums. The goal is to build lasting relationships with websites in the same industry.

Guest blogging

This is the best way to gain high quality follow backlinks. It involved writing blogs for an authority website in your niche. Guest blogging is the most time consuming and demanding method of building backlinks. However, it is also the most rewarding way. It is the preferred method by most website design agencies.

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