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When you’re new to camping, you don’t know many trails or campgrounds where you can have a good time. This makes planning your own camping trip difficult before you’ve even left the safety of your home. More stress is the last thing you need and you typically want to go camping to reduce the stress you’re feeling.

In this post, we have detailed several great campsites across the United States of America that are ideal for beginners. No matter where you are in the country, you should be somewhere near one of these breathtaking locations. Travel with your RV and it would be best if you attach a pull behind campers to store more of your things while traveling.

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1. Adirondack Gateway Campground

Our first beginner campsite is in New York, a short drive north of Albany, so it’s perfect for those who are based in the state capital or in New York City, and it’s also close by if you’re in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

It doubles as an RV resort, featuring a mixture of grass and dirt sites that are kitted out with launderettes, shower facilities, restrooms, and even Wi-Fi support. These make multi-day stays feasible for even the most inexperienced camper.

As for activities, the nearby mountains offer horseback riding and it’s also close to the Hudson River, where you can try water rafting or go for a swim.

2. Leonard Harrison State Park

For a natural vista that treats beginners with kindness, you can check out Leonard Harrison State Park in Pennsylvania. It’s home to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, so you can rest assured that you’ll have many sights to take in if you go there. There’s also a waterfall and the Pine Creek Trail, which is highly regarded among campers.

The park offers something to everybody, which means some of the trails are more difficult and shouldn’t be tried by beginners. Fortunately, you can easily see which ones are considered beginner-friendly by researching the destination.

It also offers many activities like fishing, rafting, horseback riding, and wildlife spotting. The campsite that ties the park together has souvenir shops and bathhouses that cater to everybody, along with snack bars where you can get your fill and overlooks where you can take pictures.

3. Ragan’s Family Campground

Formerly called the Yogi Bear Jellystone Camp Resorts, this campground in northern Florida has many water features that are great for entertaining those new to outdoor activities. Across 125 acres, this child-friendly campground has fishing, gem mining, and ATV riding activities along with its slow-current river and a water slide.

While you may want to take tents and camp there, where you will be welcomed, you can also rent out cabins or cottages for a family getaway instead of roughing it in a tent. This makes it not just ideal for beginners but also families looking for a few days out, too.

4. The Vineyards Campground & Cabins

Located in Grapevine, Texas, the Vineyards Campground & Cabins are also reasonably close to some places in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. It’s a spacious campground that has many lakefront views and cozy, furnished cabins. Like any respectable campground, you can fish and swim at the lake and hike on nearby trails for your taste of nature.

It’s one of the most urban locations on this list, which makes sense since you don’t want to rough it in the Texan wilderness when you’re a beginner at camping. It also means you can take advantage of the other services in the area, like restaurants and wineries.

5. Chehalis RV & Camping Resort

For the Pacific Northwest, you can check out the Chehalis RV & Camping Resort in Washington State. It’s a 300-acre campground that includes sights of Mount Rainier and private campsites nestled within maple and Douglas fir trees.

While the campsites offer rugged camping experiences, the resort offers luxurious ways to spend your time through its BBQ area, swimming pool and hot tub facilities, basketball, and volleyball games.

6. Fallen Leaf Campground

Last but not least is the Fallen Leaf Campground in California. It’s a few miles south of Lake Tahoe and includes 206 sites across its span. On those sites, you can find tents, yurts, cabins, and RV-friendly areas where you can set up your vehicle and have a good time. Most of them are only a short walk away from the waters nearby and you’d also be close to Mount Tallac and Cathedral Peak, where you can gain some altitude and look out over the area.

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