Avoid These Top 6 Mistakes When Buying an E-Bike

Electric bikes or e-bikes are reliable road companions that help get into a good physique. With the hit of the pandemic and stiffened worldwide commuting, the sales of e-bikes have left the classic bikes far behind. Learn more about the advantages of electric vehicles, on this website: https://autoinsurancequotesil.com

No wonder people are more into buying e-bikes nowadays to save their money while making their daily journeys more comfortable and time-efficient.

However, many e-bike owners are losing money and peace of mind due to not considering certain facts before purchasing one.

This is why we’re here to help you by sharing six top mistakes you must avoid while buying an e-bike.

1. Not Considering an E-Bike’s Size

Finding a local bike shop that delivers the desired size of an electric bike can be challenging. But that shouldn’t hold you back from selecting the size that suits your need to the fullest.

Having an e-bike isn’t a joke. It’s not a camping trouser or cap that goes with the ‘one size fits all’ trend. This is an electric bike you’re talking about, and you must purchase the right size.

If you take our advice, you should check your height, weight, the stretch of arms and legs, physical strength, etc., so you can match this information with the desired electric bike you want to buy.

Many buyers purchase an e-bike on a whim without considering the size, height, and material of the handlebar, saddle, frame, tires, etc. For instance, if you’re a short person and the saddle is higher than the handlebar, you’ll have a hard time controlling your bike.

Not only that, you’ll miss out on all the supposed benefits you would have with a right-size e-bike.

2. Going for a Cheap E-Bike

Saving money is necessary, but if you want to sidetrack from the good e-bikes line while opting for a cheaper one, you will regret it.

In fact, you’re going to have to spend a lot more later on if you’re trying to stay happy with a cheap purchase now.

It’s true that there are e-bikes available for just below one thousand dollars. Sounds lucrative, but there’s a catch for the sellers. You’ll never know what materials and parts such a low-priced bike was made of.

Often, manufacturers make electric bikes with low-range batteries and short-lasting components. This is their game to catch buyers with short budgets while increasing their sales volume.

So, if you don’t want to fall into this low-budget trap, look for an e-bike with a robust build, smooth riding, scalable performance, quality components, and extensive durability.

3. Not Inquiring about the Battery Quality

Your hope for a brilliant electric bike will be shattered in the first place if you fail to know its battery quality. After all, that’s the main power source to run your bike. If it is, then what’s the point of having an e-bike with a pesky battery?

You must research the specifications of an e-bike battery, including volts and amps, watts, charger, capacity, etc. Besides, consider which type of battery you want in your e-bike; should it be nickel-cadmium, lead-acid, lithium-ion, or lithium-cobalt battery?

Most e-bike owners and new buyers don’t analyze the battery quality, which is why their e-bikes fail miserably to meet the conditions.

Hence, consult the experts, including an avid e-bike rider, a reliable salesperson, or an authoritative e-bike shop, to find an electric bike with a top-notch battery.

4. Buying an E-Bike Without Warranty

Reasons an electric bike should be your next ride include user-friendliness, cost-efficiency, lasting durability, reliable commuting, fitness, etc. However, all these expectations might only succeed if you purchase an e-bike with a warranty.

It’s a big deal because the warranty saves you from a lot of hassle later on.

You’ll surely want a precise service and parts warranty where you can get your bike serviced when necessary within the warranty period. This will also keep your e-bike from falling apart since you can replace any gear or component of the e-bike if required.

If you avoid getting a warranty, the battery may suffer crucial damage upon not getting any warranted service in time. You can imagine how vital it is to buy a warranted electric bike.

Furthermore, you’ll sense there’s something fishy at the manufacturer’s end when they’re not providing any warranty for their e-bikes. That’s a red flag for a low-end product right there.

5. Unaware of the Drive System Differences

Being equipped with the knowledge of the primary drive system in e-bikes can help you select the right bike for you. But if you don’t know what a drive system in an electric bike is, you might regret buying an e-bike on a random guess.

First things first, there are two types of e-bike drive systems. One is called the mid-drive, while the other is called the hub motors. So, how’re they so important, and how does it matter if you buy any of the two drive systems?

Well, the mid-drive system is like the old-school or classic bikes where you’ll have a chain, chainrings, cassette, etc., to pedal while the battery will back you up with some power.

In contrast, the hub drive is all about powering the e-bike from the front or rear wheel.

Many riders love that mid-drives are lighter, easy to handle, and efficient. However, the hub drive is heavy, but it’s a powerhouse that can push you up the hilly tracks and through harsh surfaces with less effort.

Since you can get fit using an electric bike, choosing the right drive system will boost your health and physique. Or else, the whole idea of fitness, comfort, and commuting will go down the drain.

6. Falling for Manufacturer’s Range and Speed Claims

Since electric bikes are still making their space into the typical commuter range, their advertised mileage range and speed haven’t been an issue for federal regulation.

That’s why manufacturers promote high ranges and speeds of their branded e-bikes. Nonetheless, if you’re smart, you’ll consider the billed range and speed with what is to be achieved when you actually ride that e-bike.

Usually, the high speed the salesperson claims to convince you to buy a bike may only be true for some types of roads and terrains. Besides, you must consider your height, weight, and pedaling capacity to determine the possible consequences of your e-bike.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the six top mistakes you must avoid when buying an e-bike for yourself or for gifting someone. Don’t hasten the purchasing process just to satisfy your electric bike temptation.

Buying a state-of-the-art electric bike will surely give you the feeling of significant ownership. However, in the very next moment, you might see that crashing, realizing that you’ve bought a low-performance e-bike.

So, to make an efficient purchase, research the electric bikes online and consult the experts to avoid the types of mistakes we’ve shared.

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