From couples for couples – how two jewellery power couples provide bespoke diamond rings at Ovadia Boutique in Hatton Garden


Something very special is happening in the London’s renowned Jewelry Quarter Hatton Garden! Two dream husband and wife jewellery teams have decided to merge their superpowers to deliver their customers an even better jewellery shopping experience. The owners of renowned jewellery shop Ovadia, Hannah and Ben, who have recently celebrated their 4th anniversary – not …

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Why one should start using a water purifier

Water purifier service

Should one be really worried about the water that they are drinking on a regular basis? Is the quality of water has been compromised? The tap water that is supplied regularly to the house and office is safe enough to consume or not? Well, if one wants to find answers to all these questions, then …

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How to find a good PG in a new city

best PG in Baner

People are often moving to new cities, all thanks to the new and advanced education opportunities and better jobs with good pay packages. But when one moves into a new city then the major thing they need to consider is the accommodation issue. When arriving in a new city, one is unfamiliar with a lot …

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Techniques To Hide Cables And Make The House Safe


Cables and Wires Cables and wires are instruments that help carries electricity to and from sources to equipment. These carriers are used in multiple occurrences in modern time. With how useful these components are to keep the lights and equipment running, they can also prove dangerous and hazardous. Ways to Find these Items You or …

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