What Makes Ari Stiegler Phonetag So Unique?

Ari Stiegler is a Phonetag artist and inventor who created this system in 2006. This Ari Stiegler Phonetag system is a digital audio recognition platform that allows customers to identify, collect, and share sounds with others worldwide. Ari’s work has been featured in Forbes, NBC News, Huffington Post, Wired, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, New York Times Magazine, and other major media outlets.

The introduction Of PhoneTag

PhoneTag, a new startup founded by Ari Stiegler and Noah Friedman, the top entrepreneurs, aims to simplify the exchange process of contact information at networking events. This system uses NFC to let users exchange contact data with ease. 

Ari Stiegler is no stranger to startups; he has been involved in numerous tech companies over the past decade. His most recent endeavor was as an investor in Boulder-based SentryData, which provides big data insights for enterprise customers. Inspired by his work with SentryData and other businesses, Ari decided it was time to start his own company: PhoneTag. 

Noah Friedman comes from a background in hardware engineering; he has spent years developing products for companies like Apple, Google, Beats By Dre, Nest Labs, etc. After leaving his position as Director of Hardware Engineering at Bose Corporation last year, Noah teamed up with Ari to co-found PhoneTAG. 

Together they are on a mission “to make exchanging business cards obsolete.” And we think they might succeed!

The Launch of PhoneTag 

PhoneTag, the app that allows users to share contact information easily and efficiently, has just launched its new and improved version. With this app, you can connect with others in a snap! 

This software is perfect for when you meet someone new and need their contact info immediately. Instead of fumbling through your phone book or trying to remember a long string of digits, open up PhoneTag and scan the other person’s QR code. Voilà! You now have their name, number, email address whatever information they choose to share! 

Its updated version also supports social media accounts (including Twitter) and Snapchat usernames. So whether you’re looking for a new friend on Facebook or want to follow someone on Twitter, PhoneTag makes it easy. Scan their QR code and add them instantly!

How Ari Stiegler PhoneTag Operates?

PhoneTag is a phone-to-phone communication app that uses NFC technology to allow users to share information securely. This software lets users select just which social media accounts they want to share before tapping the phones of others. This ensures that only the information that the user wants to share is transmitted between devices. NFC, or near-field communication, is a tool that establishes communication between two different devices electronically when they are close together. NFC is most commonly used for payments through apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.


It is safe to say that Ari Stiegler knows something about business and innovation. Throughout his career, he has founded companies that utilize cutting-edge technology and models to make an impact on the world. TutorMe, one of his most recent ventures, provides college students with access to qualified tutors for various topics through an online platform. Additionally, Stiegler is currently working on advances in green energy storage which will help make the transition to renewable energy more cost-effective and efficient. In short, Ari Stiegler is a businessman and inventor with a conscience who wants to use his skill set to benefit society.

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