Argentine Faces Charges for Disorder at the FIFA World Cup

The disciplinary case opened by FIFA against the Argentine Football Association (AFA) for their conduct during the FIFA World Cup quarterfinal match against the Netherlands is a justified measure. The AFA’s actions, which included violence and disorder on and off the pitch, endangered both order and security at the match. 

By citing “order and security at matches” in its disciplinary code, FIFA has sent a clear message that it will not tolerate such behavior from any team, particularly when it jeopardizes spectators’ safety.

Argentina and the Netherlands played aggressively from the beginning of the encounter, contributing to the high level of competition displayed. Things got even more heated on the field in the latter phases of the game when Dutch players started scoring goals to force extra time, and this caused things to get more hostile.

Argentine substitutes and coaches invaded the playing field, and players from both sides engaged in furious disputes with one another. The celebrations that ensued after Argentina’s victory in a penalty shootout following a 2-2 tie only served to incite greater mayhem and escalation of the situation. After this World Cup semifinal, the altercation is still recognized as one of the competition’s most controversial moments.

The FIFA World Cup record for most players or coaches receiving a yellow card is 17, and Lionel Messi was one of them.

FIFA has charged the Argentines and the Dutch with team misconduct after receiving five yellow cards during the match.

In this World Cup, the Saudi Arabian national team was fined twice by FIFA’s disciplinary panel for team misbehavior. The same payment of 15,000 Swiss francs ($16,000) could be levied against both federations.

The other disorderly conduct acceptable against Argentina is likely to be substantial.

FIFA did not provide an estimated timeline for verdicts, which were not released before a team’s next game at this World Cup.

On Tuesday, Argentina will take on Croatia in the World Cup semifinals in Qatar 2022, hoping to win their first title since 1986.

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