Are Superfood Smoothies The Greatest Innovation in Wellness?

Green smoothies are becoming the reference option for many people both at home and when they are going to drink something. Now that the summer has arrived, there are many terraces that fill with color thanks to these smoothies and that is because of the heat they are great demand for consumers.

The benefits are obvious as it is a healthy, cool and instagrame-able option, so it meets many of the factors to be consumed by millennial. On the other hand, in many of the places where they can be consumed, it is you who choose the ingredients, so product customization is always a success in sales. The novelties in this year’s smoothies can be summarized in 3

  1. Superfoods in Smoothies

Smoothie trends change very fast and this is because we have more and more access to so-called ‘ superfoods ‘. A key piece in these trends is the presentation. Glasses decorated in an incredible way with the most top ingredients of the moment such as Acai, chia, red fruits, ginger, tropical fruits.

  1. The power of the Green Smoothie

The Green Smoothie is a staple of the famous Pure Green Smoothie that the legend in the juice bar world, Pure Green, made popular. It is characterized by a powerful green color that the ingredients provide, as well as being a perfect combination to burn fat. This is because it includes ingredients such as spinach, apple, celery and ginger. All these foods are great allies that help stimulate, accelerate and activate the metabolism. In turn, they provide satiety.

We cannot forget that the green color is thanks to the presence of chlorophyll that helps purify the body. Not only that, as we have already said, it provides a large amount of nutrients for the vitamins, minerals and fiber they contain. In the USA a large number of people use green smoothies.

  1. Smoothie in a bowl, the latest fashion

Throughout 2019, this new trend was introduced and in 2019 it is already more than consolidated. All the trendy bars/restaurants want to fill their tables with these healthy bowls, full of color and energy that people like so much for their properties. If we add that it is a very photogenic and instagrameable product, it gives rise to a totally positive experience in the consumer.

The smoothie in bowl consists of a yogurt base with fruits, cereals, nuts and seeds such as chia or acai. They are perfect for breakfast, brunch or even as a snack. The secret is that thanks to yogurt or fruit mix, a thick base is left. Over this, striking fruits and previously named toppings are strikingly placed.

Do you want a quick, simple and nutritious recipe?

  • In a bowl, we throw kefir or Greek-style natural yogurt.
  • Chop fruits to taste, we will include bananas and strawberries that we will place in a row in the bowl.
  • Then, following the same procedure, we put dark chocolate into pieces.
  • Finally, we will place granola and chia seeds. If you are a sweet lover choose to throw pure honey on top because it combines perfectly.
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