Are Sleep Regressions Real? (Guide)

Sleep regression is common, lasting between two and six weeks, but each baby is special.

While sleep regression is normal and does not last forever, it’s good to note, but it does not indicate sleep regression is simple to bear up. To parents and babies, sleep is crucial and sleep deprivation may relate to thinking and mood management problems. Yeah, the regressions of sleep are true.

And while we parents have come to grips with sleep regression in the same growth phases despite decades and decades of experiencing the same sleep problems, work continues to pick things up and make this possible.

How to Tackle Sleep Regression Problem?

It may be frustrating for your baby during the sleep regression period and as well as for you. In this period, you need to take extra care of your toddler.

For this reason, we have mentioned below a few methods that you may try during your baby’s sleep regression.

  • When your child is going through the development process, it also causes sleep regression. Therefore, offering him an extra feeding time would not be a bad idea. Your schedule might get disturb, but remember it’s for a temporary period and eventually you and your child will get back on track.
  • You will offer your child room to learn. You need to provide him with various toys, such as blocks or balls, as your kid begins crawling and roaming. Make sure that your child plays and runs all day long. enYou will always ensure that you can’t put your child in your car seat or stroller all the time, because he won’t have any pent-up energy when it’s time to bed or sleep. This reduces the chance of needing to play in the middle of the night or after 20 minutes.
  • Many parents pamper and comfort their babies verbally as they lie in their bed. Again this method may take longer for your baby to sleep, but if this method was useful for you before then it is worth trying now. As we have mentioned, it is just for a temporary period you have to make some changes to your routine.
  • You may also try offering your child an extra sleep time, if necessary. Sleep regression can result in missed sleep and this causes overtiredness. This may quickly turn into exhaustion and frustration for your child and this may further result in missed sleep. Therefore, it is suggested to offer some extra sleep time.

Signs of sleep regression:

If you feel a change in the routine sleep schedule of your baby that changes all of the sudden that’s the first sign of sleep regression!

As the first stage is a disturbed sleep pattern which changes suddenly in the age of 4 months of a baby. while other signs may include

  • Lack of Nap
  • Change in eating pattern
  • Night wakings
  • Fussiness

But you don’t need to worry as this is a part of the growing up process which occurs in many babies.

It’s a temporary process as we have mentioned this above also that you need to work with patience because a 4-month child can actually start feeling the surrounding and become more engaged towards it including you.

The Disturb sleep pattern can easily destroy your normal body routine, mood swings and often waking up in the middle of the night. This is annoying whether for a baby or an adult especially so frustrating for parents.

When And Why Sleep Regression Happens?

It could not be said with certainty that every baby goes through sleep regression due to the same reason.

Remember that each individual is different, and your baby doesn’t need to be going through sleep regression because of the same reason as your known one’s baby.

However, several experts have stated two reasons which lead to sleep regression problems among babies.

  • Development Leap
  • A shift in nap schedules and overall sleep needs.

This problem may happen to your child aged between 4-months to 12 years.


Having said that the guide for sleep regression came to an end. We hope that we were able to bring the best alternatives for you.

In case of any query you can contact us as we value your feedback and do share your opinions related to this.

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