An Ultimate Guide to Choose the Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord boxes are huge corrugated cardboard boxes that are designed to store and ship a large number of commodities. In recent times, their demand is drastically increased because of the rising industrial needs. Even the small businesses have started using the Gaylord boxes for shipping or storing their products. This is because the Gaylord boxes offer the best packing option as compared to other standard boxes. They are eco-friendly, cost-effective, customizable, and provide the utmost protection to the products while handling or shipping them.

Choosing the right Gaylord boxes for your business can become a daunting task as you have to consider many factors before you pick any one of them. Even a small mistake in selecting the right size or design can create an extra effort for you to pick another one. It can even cost you extra money. Hence, in this article, we have gathered information about some essential things that will help you in choosing the right Gaylord boxes for your business.

  • Consider the material:

Material plays an essential role in maintaining the quality of your product, especially for the eatables. For instance, the Gaylord boxes are made with corrugated cardboard with three layers, i.e., the outer line, inner line, and fluting in between. This layer provides enough protection for products like clothes, plastic items, paper products, etc., while storing or shipping.

But for the perishable or fragile items, you would have to look for a thick layered Gaylord box. For example, you can choose the box with two to three-layered corrugated cardboard so that the items are safe from any external damage. These boxes are resistant to splitting, tearing, and bursting, which makes them durable and reusable.

  • Check the dimensions of your products:

For getting an appropriate Gaylord box, you will have to do a small task, which is finding the dimensions of your products that need to be stored or shipped. Once you do this, it will become easy for you to choose the right size of the Gaylord box or get it customized as per your requirements.

The most important thing is that the box should not be too large or too small for the products. If you choose the larger one, it can result in extra shipping costs, whereas if you choose the smaller one, it can damage the product until it reaches the receiver. Hence, you should look for the one that matches closely to your product size with a little extra room that acts as protective filler. You can keep 3 inches of padding to safeguard the products from getting damaged by any external factors.

Most Gaylord boxes are available in 35 – 48 inches in width, 24 – 48 inches in height, and 40 – 46 inches in length. You will find them in various shapes, including the square, rectangular, and octagonal ones. They are available either in disassembled or flattened condition and can be reassembled with few simple steps.

  • Determine the design:

Most of the Gaylord boxes come in standard designs made with the brown colour corrugated cardboard, but you can also get them customized as per your needs. The reason behind customizing the shipping box is to impress the receiver or the customer as it will be the first thing they will encounter rather than your product. It is observed that many people conclude the credibility of any seller by their shipping boxes. And most of them get attracted if the box contains unique designs with logo, brand name, or catchy phrases. Thus, if you want to create a special appearance in the market and increase your brand awareness, you will have to opt for a customized Gaylord box.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with the logistics department where there’s no requirement for designed boxes, you can opt for the standard ones available in the market. Moreover, you can also buy the used boxes and resell the ones that you have by connecting with The Gaylord Box Exchange.

  • Consider the strength:

While choosing the Gaylord boxes, you have to determine how you are going to use them. Whether you need them to store the inventories, display the products, or to ship the products across long distances. If you require them to store or display the products, then look for the lighter ones that have an attractive exterior display. But, if you need to ship the products, then remember to check the strength of boxes as they have to endure the transportation and handling across different locations. Moreover, you have to consider the fragility and weight of your products while choosing the box’s strength.

Style of the box:

The style of the Gaylord box basically determines what type of shape and lid option you want for storing your inventories. You will find four types in them, such as:

  1. Full open with lid – This box is open at the top and can be covered with a lid, whereas the bottom has four flaps that need to be closed to store the products.
  2. Full flat bottom Gaylord / Flange top – This box is open at the top with four flanges on each side, and the bottom has four flaps that need to be closed. The top can be covered by putting a sheet of cardboard under the flanges and then strapping the box.
  3. Full open top – This box consists of eight sides with an opening at the top without any flaps. The base contains four flaps which can be closed for using the box.
  4. Full flap top – This box consists of four flaps at the bottom as well as the top side, which can be closed while using the box.


The functionality of your business will probably become smooth if you use the perfect Gaylord boxes for storing, maintaining, and shipping your inventories. Thus, remember to consider all the factors mentioned in this article so that you can invest wisely and make an optimal purchase. More importantly, they will help in enhancing your work process by organizing the products appropriately.


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