An essay from an examiners point of view

Wondering how a checker views your essay is something we all get worried about. This is because the way an examiner examines your essays determines your grade too. Although grades don’t make you a great essay writer, they still count.

No matter what topic your essay is, examiners have a few yardsticks to grade them. So whether it’s an essay on a personality or the history of a UK essay, here are things your checker examines.

Style and tone

You can’t rely on immature writers and ask them to “write the essay for me.” This is because the style and tone are the first things examiners notice. Without the proper tone and style in your essays, you won’t score well. Even though you may have great content, if it isn’t presented with the required tone, it won’t work.

Understanding of the topic

Examiners will not be giving you an A for merely surface-level knowledge about a topic. That is why your essay should be in-depth and creative. The content should let the checker know that the essay writer is well aware of the topic.

The writer should answer all the what, who, where, and how questions regarding the topic. This makes your essay relevant and shows your efforts placed in researching it.

Strong introduction and conclusion

An essay can be of various lengths. Some are short, and some can be extremely long. This makes essays slightly boring. Checking a huge chunk of content can be hard and off-putting for the checker. That is why the main focus is the start and the end. Although the essay’s body has its significance, usually, it’s the intro and conclusion that get the most attention.

That is why you should write an introduction that can make a great impression on the checker. It should be hooking and provide an insight into what the essay has in store for the checker.

As far as the conclusion is concerned, it should have a great summary of your essay along with any ending points. It should be neatly written, similar to the introduction, and well thought of.


Another thing that doesn’t have marks but stands out is the presentation. Most handwritten essays should at least be legible and paragraphed decently. At the same time, typed ones can have different fonts and equal-sized paragraphing for a great look.

Final thoughts

Writing an essay that you like is easy, but impressing a checker is tough. Nonetheless, if you keep these things in mind, you can write a piece that the examiner shall love.

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