Amazon EDI Solution Highlights the Ambition of This Business

In another move that looks to cement Amazon’s place as one of the greatest tech companies in the world, they are now using their intelligence and their professionalism to offer EDI solutions to business. The Amazon EDI software is yet another example of just how forward thinking and ambitious this company is and there is little surprise that they have gained the status and the revenue which they have.

 For any young business starting out, Amazon should prove to be the bar that has been set and we can expect in the coming years to even see schools feature Amazon in their business education.

Humble Beginnings

It is easy to forget where this company came from when it started out in the early 90s. Jeff Bezos originally set this up as a marketplace for books, and that was all that they sold in the beginning. Shortly after this they produced one of the world’s first and best e-readers in the Kindle and we all know just how well that product has gone on to become. That online bookstore was a long way from the marketplace that this company now offers, which is the biggest on the planet.

Additional Solutions

Amazon not only became a giant but it used its marketplace so that others could also create their own business and they could use Amazon to buy and sell. Quickly Amazon realized that they could use their shipping and logistics, as well as their warehouses, to manage the delivery of the orders which customers were making on the site and so they launched Amazon FBA. Fulfillment by Amazon is an incredible service which enables people to set up their very own business without the need for warehouses or handling shipping. In most cases companies are set up and those owners never even see the stock as it goes from manufacturer to Amazon, Amazon to customer.


Amazon has been very strong indeed when it comes to acquisitions and they have made over 60 of these in the last decade alone. The biggest of these was WholeFoods which really laid out their intent in terms of future plans. Anothe key acquisition was Audible, which has added another branch to the reading service which the company still offers.


Amazon has some bold plans for the future and they are looking at doing great things with the Prime streaming service such as following the Netflix model in creating their own movies. The global retailer is also seeking to get involved in AI technology and they have made a number of investments in that field too. Other future plans include drone deliveries and cashier less stores, which may sound optimistic but given what this company has already been able to achieve, you’d be surprised if they don’t manage to get these projects off the ground with absolute ease.

This is a company which is only going to grow bigger and bigger in the coming years.


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