Amazing Endurance Training Workout Ideas Just At Your Home

You might think that endurance training – also known as aerobic system training – requires a lot of equipment and fancy gadgets.

Fortunately, this is just a myth! You can easily practice endurance training at home with minimal tools.

Ideally, you can start with 10-15 minutes of endurance training every day and gradually increase it to 150 minutes per week, as AHA recommends.

So if you’re looking for ideas that can be done at home, this article will help you!

1. March in one place

For beginners, marching can be an effective endurance exercise because it slowly builds up your heart rate.

Even if you don’t realize it immediately, you’ll notice that marching serves as a good warm-up exercise for later workouts.

Start by marching lightly and then keep increasing the speed. You can raise your knees with every march to pump up your heart.

2. Walk up and down the stairs

This endurance exercise will be great for you if you live in an apartment. All you have to do is walk up and down a flight of stairs and slowly speed up.

In the beginning, you might only notice your breathing becoming faster or your heart beating more loudly.

But if you continue to walk up the stairs at a rapid pace, you’ll start to sweat and feel your leg muscles flexing and stretching.

3. Jump on a trampoline

Even though this might sound strange, jumping on a trampoline really has great benefits.

For people with a backyard or a garden, endurance training on a trampoline is effective and lots of fun.

Simply purchase a trampoline online and see how high you can jump!

Not only will a trampoline be a good way to exercise your heart, but it can also be used as a form of entertainment for children.

Click here for detailed article about trampoline.

4. Skip every day

Another very effective form of endurance training is practicing skipping. You can buy a skipping rope almost anywhere. Many skipping ropes even come with an electronic meter that counts the number of jumps you’ve done.

Skipping is an inexpensive way of building up your cardio workout and toning your body, especially the calves. It also increases your agility and reflexes.

5. Dance to music

Dancing will be a fun alternative if you’re bored with most forms of endurance training exercises.

You can perform it any time of the day and from the comfort of your bedroom or any other place in your house that you’re comfortable with.

Put on some groovy music on your phone or stereo, and start by bouncing lightly from one foot to the other. Then, swing your arms from side to side and increase your pace.

6. Jog on the spot

Just like marching in one place, jogging on the spot is also a good way to perform endurance training.

Stand with your feet about hip-width apart and start jogging lightly. Ensure not to increase your speed immediately, as it wouldn’t produce effective results.

Jog for about 15 minutes initially, then take it to 30 or even 40 minutes at a stretch.

7. Perform arm circles

If you wish to tone your arms and build endurance in your upper body, then arm circles will have you covered.

You can perform this while sitting or standing, which makes this exercise an ideal way to work out at home.

Rotate your arms in a clockwise motion first, then do the same counter-clockwise. If you’re not able to make a full circle in one go, try to draw small circles.

8. Do air squats

Air squats are also considered good endurance workout ideas as they help shape the muscles on your buttocks, thighs, and quadriceps.

These squats also improve your overall balance and body coordination. When you squat, make sure that your hips are moving down and back only and not in any other position.

Maintain your lumbar curve and descend your hips a little lower than the knees.

Over to you

These are some of the simplest ways to build up your endurance at home. However, you shouldn’t give up after working out for one or two days.

Even if your body is sore, take it as a challenge to improve your body and mind through regular endurance training.

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