Solarmovie: Best Alternative Streaming Services in 2023

What to do if Solarmovie is not working? Do you think you will stay depressed as there seems to be nothing to do during your weekend? The outing is almost banned because of the ongoing pandemic situation. You only have a movies option, but Solarmovie is down? Why worry? Be happy as multiple sources like solar movie are available that work similarly. You can open the free streaming sites and choose the movie you want to see and enjoy.

What Is Solarmovie?

Are you looking for sites like solarmovie that offer free video streaming? So, you want to get rid of the tedious time by watching movies? Then yes, you can kick out the stressful time by watching movies. Several websites are available that allow you to watch videos free of cost. It is an ideal platform that covers all categories of movies. You will find genres like action, adventure, comedy, classic, horror, documentaries, history, sci-fi, animated, and many more. Thus, it is a complete entertainment package. You can find a movie in any category and enjoy it.

Now you may be wondering what features make it different and the choice of many users. These are,

  • Free of cost.
  • No sign and registration is required.
  • Have a plethora of HDonline movies that contain no viral content
  • Offer smooth streaming
  • Available in many countries
  • Support multiple languages
  • A completely secure website.

You can confidently open the website, click on the movie of your choice, and be done. No more boring weekends now, as the video streaming site will provide complete entertainment.

What happened to Solarmovie?

Is Solarmoviez down? Have you opened the website? But unfortunately, it’s not working. Yes, the servers are down these days because of overloading or other reasons. No need to worry. If you are facing this issue and not getting access to solar moviez, keep yourself stress-free as many movie sites like solar movies are available. You can get connected with them and have fun watching movies. There are millions of viewers that prefer to watch movies through Solarmovie. For that reason, the server gets down, and people search for Solarmovie alternatives to watch the movies free of cost.

Is Solarmovie Safe?

Many people ask, is solarmovie safe? And the answer is yes. It is safe to stream free online films. Solarmovie allows you to select movies according to the year of release and genres. Its interface is very simple. It has a search engine to provide websites for streaming TV shows and videos. Overall, it is one of the best movie streaming websites.

Which Solarmovie is real?

Because of the popularity of Solarmovie, different web developers have created a website with its name. The real Solarmovies have an S logo with orange drop background. But be careful, don’t open the fake site. There may be spam that may damage your system or leak your identity. Therefore, you should always know the original site before using it.

When you look for this site, check the originality by viewing the terms of services and copyright stamp on the website. This way, you will protect yourself against fake sites and save your data. Moreover, the site has proper terms of service as well as copyright. So, to prevent your system from spam, you should confirm the site’s originality and search for videos. Otherwise, you may have to lose your system or privacy. Thus, be conscious, work to find the right video streaming source, and then watch movies of your choice.

Best Sites Like Solarmovie Alternatives

The best sites, like solar movies, are listed below. See the reviews and features to decide which one you will pick to make your weekend full of entertainment.

Streaming Sites

The best option that you can use for watching movies online is You can explore the site and click on any video streaming website to watch movies. The best thing about it is that it provides you with a list of various video streaming sites. There are many categories in it. One cover the free sites of video streaming. The other is the premium sites you have to pay to get a subscription and watch videos. These two are for the tv series. So, you can pick the video site and get signup to enjoy the movies and tv series.


Fmovies is the superb Solarmovie alternative source. You will find it no matter what type of video stuff you are hunting for. The best thing that makes it an excellent choice for the viewers is the quality of the videos. You will find HD movies on this platform and will not get disappointed while watching as it runs smoothly, especially if you also have a good speed internet connection. You will watch without hindrance.

You will find the video content of multiple genres. Whether you love action, romance, adventure, thrill, horror, or comedy, all types of movies are available here. Fmovies are available in different countries.

Moreover, Fmovies also provide the option of TV series as well. If you are not in the mood to watch a movie, click on TV series and find the top tv shows to get yourself entertained. Thus, it is a complete forum where you find any type of video, from old classics to the latest movies. It is a free movie website like Solarmovie that needs no subscription fee, and you enjoy it without paying.


Are you fond of watching tv series? Are you upset as you don’t have access to Solarmovie? Why worry? You can explore similar sites like solarmoviez. CONtv is a multi-platform OTT and online movie streaming service. It offers behind-the-scenes access to classic films, television series, and comics. It is a vast platform that contains almost all tv series from different countries and supports multiple languages.

You can log in through a social media platform to utilize this website’s feature or sign in directly on CONtv to get full entertainment. It is very easy to watch through this platform. Simply click on the series you want to see or enter the name of the video you are looking for; you must remember that your system must have the plugin that supports the videos. Otherwise, you may waste your time. So, if you have completed the system requirement, open the CONtv site and hit on the video you are looking for to kick out your boring time.


If you find free movie sites, the Afdah is another site like solarmovies. It offers almost all the movies. The good aspect related to this site is that searching for videos is very easy. It is because you will see different categories like search by year, country, and language, and you will find the option of featured, cinema, and HD movies. This way, you click on a suitable option to find the video you want to watch.

Moreover, it is a large platform where you find movies of all genres like horror, adventure, love, and thrill. Plus, if you are fond of knowing the history or love watching documentaries, this platform is an ideal source.

Mystery, war, and tv shows are some other features that make it an ideal choice for many movie lovers. It is supported in many countries. If you do not get access to Solarmovie, type Afdah on your browser, get a subscription, and you will have complete entertainment in your system.


Given the wealth of videos offered at Yesmovies, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of solar movies or not, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something to entertain you at this site. With everything from sci-fi to Kungfu flicks available, it’s easy to lose yourself in hours of great entertainment!

Yesmovies provides HD movies without any account registration. You can watch the latest and hottest tv shows here without any fuzz. The site also has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to find your favorite film quickly. Moreover, its high-quality video and sound make you feel like you are in a movie theatre!

If you don’t know what movie you want to watch, there is no need to worry as there are available IMDb movies; search the hit one from that section, and enjoy!


Popcornflix is a streaming website like Solarmovie, where you find a bundle of options to enjoy during your spare time. No need to sign up, no fee for watching movies, and no hidden subscription. Everything is free. The easy-to-use platform helps you get the film that you want to watch. It is a platform for movie enthusiasts.

Here you will get a variety of tv shows like featured, kids, family, action, and the latest tv serials. If you want to spend some quality time with your kids, click on the kids’ n family section to find the tv show that seems interesting. Moreover, if you are in the mood to watch a movie, click on the search bar to find your choice.

The website offers all the video content with superior quality. You will not get frustrated, even watching boring movies, because the video and sound quality will keep you involved. Whether you want to watch old tv shows or movies or hunt for the latest movies, you will get them on this platform.

yts is one of the favorite platforms of most viewers as they get the movies just as similar sites like solar movies. The website offers versatile content. No matter what your mood is, you will get the movie. If you are in the mood to watch some action you will get, or are with kids and want to have fun watching some comedy or cartoon movie; you will get it. So, it means you will get a lot of stuff for people of all ages.

To watch movies on, you first sign up with the website and then click on the movie to watch it. You can directly search the movie or see the catalog to find the movie that you think will be interesting to watch. You will get all types of movies and enjoy your free time.


Vumoo is another choice if Solarmovie is not working. Although it is somewhat less organized yet, you will find various movies in it. Vumoo is an alternative to other websites like Solarmovie. Using this website is very easy. You don’t need to waste time on the signing-up procedure. Just open the website. Enter the movie name and click on search. Done! Your movie is ready to stream.

It means that the website provides access to all sorts of movies, both old and new. You can browse through different categories or use the search bar to find a particular movie you’re interested in watching. And if you want to watch an HD version of it, there’s an option for that too.


Bmovies is the choice of many users who love to watch movies. It is one of the streaming sites like Solarmovie. You will find different categories on the site and search for the movie of your choice. Here you will get the option of drama, movie, action, fantasy, documentaries, and history.

Write the video you want on the search option to watch movies. In a minute or two, your film will be on your screen. You will get HD quality content that you love to watch if you want to get access to all types of movies, log in to the site, and get a subscription. The best thing is that the site does not charge a small fee. You can easily afford and get the login to use the Bmovies for watching your favorite movie. Here you get the trending and the latest video content, so you will not get bored during your free time.


Tubitv is one of the favorite platforms of most viewers as they get the movies just as similar sites like solar movies. The website offers versatile content. No matter what your mood is, you will get the movie. If you are in the mood to watch some action you will get, or are with kids and want to have fun watching some comedy or cartoon movie; you will get it. So, it means you will get a lot and a lot of stuff for people of all ages.

To watch movies on Tubitv, you first sign up with the website and then click on the movie to watch it. You can directly search the movie or see the catalog to find the movie that you think will be interesting to watch. You will get all types of movies and enjoy your free time.


Get an amazingly awesome experience of watching HD movies on Lookmovie. It is also one of the Solarmovie alternative sites offering multiple genre movies. You can watch the latest tv shows and videos on this platform. On opening the website, you will find the different categories. Pick anyone from the thousands of movies present in each category. You will never get bored; you can watch as many movies as possible. Maybe you get tired, but the list of movies will not end.

On this website, you can find the movie by searching from options like genres, ratings, search by year, or the latest. So, it helps you to search conveniently and get the movies or tv shows of your choice. To watch the movies, first, log in by providing your email and password. After that, verify your account to get video streaming without any hurdles.


The best thing about this video streaming platform is that you can install the app and enjoy watching movies or tv shows on your mobile phone. One of the other sites, like the solar movie, is Yidio, a complete website that contains all types of videos. Whether you want horror, documentary, mystery, action, or romantic films, all are available on one site. So, wherever you are, you can watch a movie. Isn’t it awesome?

You can stream the videos when you are out or traveling by train or bus. Your journey will be no more boring. Recharge your mobile data and enjoy watching movies throughout your traveling. Get access to movies free of cost or the premier package to watch different types of content. Log in first and then search for HD quality movies to kill your free time. You can sign up through email and Facebook to stay tuned to the website.

Have an awesome experience of watching movies, and recommend them to your friends. You will get full entertainment and all the interesting content.


Moonline is one of the free movie sites like solar movies. It offers all the video content you want to watch during your free time. The free-of-cost streaming makes it preferable for the students who are freed from exams and have nothing to do. Just sign up, and you will get access to the link without waiting.

Explore the site to see what’s inside, and click on it to start streaming. The site has a collection of movies of different categories, so you can get many options. You can search for movies or tv shows by categories, genres, or language. The website is available in different countries as well as in different languages. So, if you are not in the mood to watch an English movie, you will also find other options. Search for the type of movie and have fun watching it with your family or friends. Have a fast-speed internet connection to enjoy the movie without hindrance.


If you’re looking for a website that offers both Bollywood and Hollywood movies, then Yomovies is the perfect solution. With its versatile platform, you can watch Hindi movies as well! So what are you waiting for? Check out Yomovies today!

Movie categories include comedy, horror, action, adventure, and science fiction. So, it is a website for all. Both adults and kids can get entertainment stuff here.

You can search the tv shows through categories like hot series, latest, Bollywood, Hollywood, and tv series. It is supported in different countries. It is the platform where you find all Indian movies and tv serials collections.

It is free of cost video streaming website; you can directly search the content, and there is no need to sign in. So, with a single click, you can start watching movies for unlimited fun.


Get ready for the proper entertainment through movies and tv serials, as the movie web has all the stuff you are looking for. It is one of the movie sites like Solarmovie. It covers all categories so that users don’t get bored and find the movie of their choice to keep themselves involved. The animated, horror, adventurous, action, mystery, and much more are all available on the platform of the movie web.

Another interesting thing about the website is that you will find the trailer of upcoming movies. So, you can keep yourself updated and wait for the new movie. Get an idea of what the story will be and how amazing it will be.

Another aspect that differentiates it from others is that you will get all types of news. Stay updated, learn about your favorite stars, and take reviews about movies so you can directly watch the one that interests you.


Another interesting platform that is considered the best alternative to Solarmovie is movies4u. It is a website that covers all types of movies for people of all ages. You can enjoy Hd quality Bollywood and Hollywood movies through this website. There are no subscription charges nor any fees required for the submission. Just open the website, enter the movie name on the search box, and done. The movie will start streaming, and you will be having ultimate fun.

Will not get bored after using movies as you will find movies from all genres. Whether you want the adventurous, action, or horror, all are present on one website. So, check this one of the free streaming sites like Solarmovie and have a good time.


Watch movies free offers the best movie collection for the viewers, so they keep involved and do not get bored in their free time. It is a free movie streaming site. It means no spending of money but a lot of fun. Using the watch movies free is super easy. Just log in to the website and become a member.

Now it’s time to watch movies. Here you will get all the latest stuff from movies. You can search by category, like by year, country, genre, or tv series. Moreover, you stay updated as the “soon” category contains the list of upcoming movies. You can watch one or two films daily, but the list will not end as thousands of movies are available here. Thus, no one can get bored as everyone gets something interesting in their free time.

It also offers free downloading of the movie. Isn’t it amazing? Download the movie you choose and watch it when you are off to tour or your internet connection troubleshoot.


Get an online cinema at your home by subscribing to Tinyzonetv. The platform has a collection of all types of movies. In the genre section, you will find about 20 movie categories: short, adult, talk shows, action, adventurous, animation, comedy, biography, horror, musical, reality tv, sci-fi, and much more. Thus, a single website has complete entertainment stuff. Be stress-free as the solar movie’s alternative is the best solution for your free time.

Like other streaming sites, it is free and easy to use. You don’t have to create an account or do any registration steps. Just type the name of the movie and get started. Or you can click on the titles on the screen to enjoy the HD movie streaming on your computer.


Get entertained by downloading HD quality movies through the Yifymovies website. You will get the option of downloading the film in 3Dm 720p, 1080p, and 2160p quality. The file size is the smallest, so you can download it without delay, but the quality remains the same.

It is ideal and one of the complete movie websites like Solarmovie. You can download unlimited movies and then watch them when you get time or during weekends. Even if you are going on a road trip via bus or moving by train, download the movies to keep your journey full of entertainment. To watch movies, first, register yourself on Yifymovies, verify your account, and then click on the movie to start streaming to watch videos online. Moreover, you can click on the movie to get the link to download the film free of cost.


Allmovie is another superb movie streaming platform where you get register yourself and get access to thousands of movies to have fun. Here you will find different movies so you can watch them alone, with kids, and with your friends. You will find the movies in multiple categories so that you can watch the ones according to your mood.

You can search movies by categories like action or adventure or click on the titles showcased on the website’s front page. It is one of the awesome sites like solar movies that is a complete package. You will find different types of videos and tv content on one page. It has thousands of movies, so no one gets bored. If you find one movie that is not interesting, switch to others to have quality time with your friends or family.


PutLockers2 is the hosting website that only provides you with movie titles that you can download and watch offline. It has a collection of all movies in HD quality. You can choose the movie form category and open it on a torrent to download it. The website runs under different URLs and domains. You have to pick the right one to download the video.

You will get free access to the link; all the content is genuine. There is nothing to fear as the website contains no viral or spam content. Thus, the video streaming site helps you by providing all the movies you want to watch, or your friends have recommended. Now no need to wait; open the site, pick the movie of choice and download it. If your internet connection is fast, you can easily download several movies in a day to spend your holiday watching high-quality films.


Movie Watcher is a perfect option if you are looking for more sites like solar movies. A free streaming site that offers videos of 720p or 1080p quality moreover contains movies of different categories. The website is operational in different countries and supports various languages. So, people of different cultures can find the stuff that they are looking for their entertainment, all video qualities are best and stream smoothly.

There is presently no spam or viral content. Just click on titles, and you will get the video streaming free of cost. You can also download the movies so you can watch them when offline. Even you can record the movies with the same equality during streaming and replay when you are not online.


Extramovies is another HD movie streaming site where you will find Indian and Hollywood movies. It covers videos in different languages that are produced in India. Moreover, you can watch a variety of Hollywood movies also. To watch movies through this platform, login and click on the title you want to watch through streaming.

This site is a good resource for Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi. This makes it accessible to those who understand the language and allows those who don’t speak English to enjoy some great films. It is a complete entertainment package. So, the Solarmovie alternative is a wonderful option to spend free time and keep stress away.


Another movie platform that provides you with the links to download the movies. The worldfree4u is amazing and one of the best movie sites, like solar movies. Once you sign in with this website, you can access the links to the movies that you can download. It is an Indian website, and here you will get thousands of options to download Bollywood movies in different Indian languages. You can download Hindi, Tamil, or Punjabi movies free of cost.

Moreover, it not only offers Indian movies, but you can also download Hollywood movies. Although you may not find a complete movie range, thousands of hundreds of movies are available that you can download to kill your spare time.

Open the site now, click on the movie that you want to enjoy in the coming weekend, and make your holiday full of enjoyment.


One of the popular Solarmovie Alternatives is 123Movies. It is an American-based video streaming site. It offers a lot of video content that you love to watch. Although all the 123Movies videos are not free of cost, you have to take a subscription to watch movies and TV shows, yet it offers a variety of stuff that you can watch for free. Most of it is controlled by Walt Disney.

The entertainment platform offers a variety of products. Along with movie streaming, you get the option of live TV. This means it is a complete package. Getting a subscription means you have a plethora of stuff to enjoy. After logging in with this video streaming site, you and your family will not get bored.

To utilize the feature of 123Movies, you can first get the 30 days free trial. So, explore the site, know what type of videos you will get there, and then get a subscription to find unlimited fun.


There are many best sites like Solarmovie you can find on the internet world. Vudu is one of the streaming websites like solarmovie. It offers free entertainment and a premium package to enjoy all types of movies you want to see. Joining the site is an easy process. You sign up with the Vudu site and get access to free movies. The free products on this site are new movies, tv shows, popular programs, summer fun, modern horror, and new videos of the month. Mean, if you don’t take a subscription, you will find a lot of stuff to watch.

Otherwise, if you want to access all types of movies and videos, subscribe to the site, get members, and here you go. You will get a variety of films, tv shows, kid’s entertainment, and much more. The best part of getting a subscription with Vudu is that you will find 4k HD movies. It means you will get complete entertainment with the superior quality from this one of the best websites like Solarmovie.


It is a video streaming app that offers you to watch movies of all genres. It is one of the best movie sites like Solarmovie. It is a site that is available in more than 60 countries. Moreover, it offers movies from different languages. If you are thinking about how to watch movies on this website, it is simple. No need to sign up; just search for your favorite video and click done. You will get streaming of the film and help you get out of the stress you are feeling due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19.

All the video content available here’s of high quality, so make sure that if you are connecting your laptop with your Tv, it should support 4k videos. Enjoy your time watching movies on action, thrill, fantasy, romantic, and comedy.

PopCornTime Android App

If you are thinking about what you can watch on Popcorntime and it is one of the movie streaming sites like solarmovie, then the answer is yes. It is the website that provides you variety of options. High-quality movies, TV shows, and dramas are available on this website. You can search for movies by genre or by their rating. Moreover, videos of different languages are also available at Popcorntime.

To watch the video content on this website, you have to make your account. You will get free streaming and access to all content you have to subscribe to. You get multiple packages to choose from. So, pick the one that you can afford, or you can buy according to your need.

So, what are you waiting for? The classical and latest movies are present here. Click on the Solarmovie alternative URL to find the film of your choice and have fun.

These are the Solarmovies alternatives. You can search for any type of movie here is these platforms. You should remember that the open streaming site must be supported in your country. You can check the eligibility to know whether the site will run in your country or not and then log in to have fun watching movies. Otherwise, you will waste your time.


Solarmovie is an ideal platform for entertainment. You will find all types of high quality videos. But if it is not working, then no need to worry as different sites like hdhub4u and solar movies are available. You can find all types of movies, including talk shows, documentaries, history, drama, and tv serials in alternative sites of Solarmovie. So, open any sites, pick up the movie you want to watch, and you are done.