All You Need to Know About PTE Course

Do you speak English? This question is asked by everyone throughout the world. If your answer is yes and you still don’t know whether you learned the English language at school, you are not alone. People effortlessly switch between their native language and second language when it comes to an interview or telephonic conversation. You need to prove your language skills because nobody can show how proficient they are in speaking just writing on the CV.

Everyone is supposed to show how good they are in their skills as qualifications and diplomas get them a good job or admission somewhere.

How to Prove Your English Proficiency?

There are many English language proficiency exams for non-natives that are available and it is up to an individual what type of course or test suits its needs.

The PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic) is a computer-based course that is designed to assess non-native English speakers Listening, Speaking and Writing abilities. It is available in 3000 courses all around the world including the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand and accepted by the world’s known institutes including Harvard, Yale, and INSEAD. The PTE courses in Melbourne remain valid for two years; candidates need to submit their introduction first. Later on, the score report will be sent to the institutes along with the submitted response. This test is recognized by DIAC and UK for educational purposes, you can visit their official website for more details.

PTE academic course is one of the newest English proficiency tests gaining popularity because of its modern and advanced approach. This test is computerized Artificial Intelligence-based, equipped with ultimate innovation that assures accuracy, unbiased with less waiting time for getting scores. There is no room for examiner’s biasedness as it marked by computer automation. You can see the availability of PTE tests off and on as well.

The candidate score range in-between 10 to 90 on a granular scale which includes the overall score of communicative and enabling skills. A few points the candidate must be aware of before appearing for the exam. Candidates will receive an email that let them know their result is accessible on the website. All they have to do is to sign in to their account and click on the ‘view score report’. There your score will be summed up in a PDF format that can be downloaded.

To give you the whole overview of the course, here are some points that all you need to know about the PTE course.

How is PTE different from other Proficiency Tests?

  • This is a fully computerized based test, which assures the fair and reliable results.
  • Within 5 working days, you will get results; which is pretty fast.
  • You will get authentic and updated testing material in the PTE course. That can be very helpful for you to demonstrate your language skills in real life also.
  • Now you need not wait for too long in booking your test date. You can book for the next day, week or anytime.

What happens in PTE Test?

There are three parts in this PTE proficiency test;

  1. Speaking & Writing

In this part of the PTE test, all you have to do is, introduce yourself, reading the given text out loud, explaining any image, repeating sentences, write a précised text and write an essay. This test lasts for approximately 80-90 minutes.

Your answer should be in a continuous sentence and shouldn’t exceed the word limit of 60-70 words. It is advised to use as many punctuations and conjunctions; it must be well-checked grammar and vocabulary. You have to be very careful to start a sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop.

You will get 20 minutes to plan, write and re-read your essay of 200-300 words. You will be judged by how you develop and organize your ideas.

  1. Reading

The reading portion includes MCQ’s, filling the gaps, and recording the given paragraphs. The reading part lasts for 30-40 minutes. Do read the questions before reading the passage, do read the passage to get the main gist of the text. Try to get the meaning of the difficult words and identify whether the answer is from the entire text or in any part of the passage. Don’t leave any question unanswered; it will be marked as wrong answers.

  1. Listening

The last part of PTE lasts for 45-60 minutes, and this is based on MCQ’s, summarizing spoken test and dictation. Better read the question before the audio starts, you can take notes. Try to focus on the keywords and don’t write down every single word you listen to. Write about 50-70 words and pay full attention to the word count. Remember all those words that are repeated are generally the main idea of the passage. Try to manage your time wisely as you will be having just 10 minutes to complete the summary.

PTE scoring techniques

PTE not only considers the candidate’s communication skills but also gives a proper review of the skills each candidate has. In speaking, you have good listening skills to respond in a better way. You must know the vocabulary and have a good understanding of the questions.

You can lose a big deal if you don’t know the right spellings. Managing your time efficiently and keep your focus active are the keys to win the battle. And the other half is to have accurate knowledge of the English language and linguistics. You have to practice regularly and evaluate your daily attempts. And this consistent practice can train you to manage the time.

Score you need to pass PTE

You have to be well aware of the score that’s required to apply for a certain university. For instance, most of the UK universities require 51 scores for under and postgraduates; whereas for lower degrees, only 36 score is the requirement.

PTE Test – Registration process

Candidate needs to register themselves on the official website of the PTE academics. The registration is simple and easy, follow are a few steps to create an account. First land on the main page of the site and go to the ‘Book Now’ page to create your account. Now you can click on Create the account and add all details that are required to fill the given form.

Upon submitting the details, the candidate receives an email in 2 working days containing their login credentials. Now you can sign in to the site and schedule your test by selecting the preferred date and test venue with the best-suited date and time. If you want to re-appear the exam, you will be able to book some other date after 5 days of your appearing in the test.

The Final Word

One must be preparing for the English language proficiency test with lots of intensive revision tests and read thoroughly second language mediums. You can choose the best-suited exam for you according to your objectives and how you are going to utilize this test in the future. TOEFL, TOEIC, GMAT, Cambridge English Language Assessment are some of the known courses for non-natives to the English language. It’s a good idea if you hire any private tutor during your preparation.

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