All You Need to Know About Mobile Home Property Management-Revealed!

Property management of any kind can have its challenges, and this is even more the case when dealing with a lot of tenants, such as managing a mobile home park. Effective managers need certain skills and traits to be successful, as well as having the ability to handle and resolve disputes and any other difficult situations.

Let’s take a look at some of the requirements a property manager will need to have to make a rewarding career from managing mobile home park communities.

Good People Skills Are An Absolute Must

In recent years the popularity of mobile home living has been on the rise, especially in states such as California. Mobile homes for rent in orange county, for example, have increased dramatically, and what this means for the property manager is a lot of park residents to deal with on a daily basis.

Good managers will always possess very good people skills. You need to be able to talk with, and get along with, people with different personalities and from all walks of life. You also need the ability to remain calm when handling any sort of dispute, whether it be about the rent or lease agreement, or disputes between tenants.


This actually forms a part of your overall people skills, but having patience is so vital in the manager role that it’s worth mentioning on its own.

An impatient manager who appears irritated whenever a resident approaches them with a problem will very quickly infect the staff and park residents alike with the same impatient demeanor. An accessible mobile home park manager, and one who can effectively manage people, will always exercise a high degree of patience and think before they speak.

Organizational Abilities

There is a lot to organize when you’re in charge of running a mobile home park that may contain several hundred mobile homes. That’s a lot of people and property to manage, so strong organizational abilities are an absolute must have trait somewhere within the management team.

If management is disorganized, it won’t take long for the entire park to succumb to a state of chaos. This goes for the people management employs as well. To successfully manage large parks, everything needs to function like a well maintained machine to keep on top of the work load.

If organization isn’t one of your strong points, then appoint someone who is a natural organizer and give them free reign to do whatever is needed to ensure the smooth operation of the mobile home park.

Be Willing To Implement and Enforce Park Rules & Regulations

With so many people living in the one area and so much to take care of, to make life easier for management and residents alike, all mobile home parks need a set of rules for everyone to follow. This promotes both respect for park property as well as the residents and the management team.

Having some rules will also ensure a good quality of life for everybody, some peace and quiet, as well as having a mobile home park that is clean, in good order and somewhere everyone can be proud to call home.

It’s no good simply writing up a list of rules and regulations and distributing them to residents. You also have to be willing to enforce those rules and instigate penalties for people who refuse to obey them.

Assemble a Team To Help With Park Management

Managing an entire mobile home park is not something you can do by yourself. Even a team of two isn’t really enough. You’ll need extra help.

Whether you hire some fulltime staff or part-timers when required will really be up to you and your budget, but you’ll need other staff members to take on some of the day to day roles like collecting rent, dealing with tenants, keeping the park clean, tending to lawns and gardens, maintenance and repairs, and someone available to fill in for you so you can get a day off.

Spreading the workload so everyone’s enthusiastic is essential to successfully managing a quality mobile home park.

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