All you need to know about LED lighting technology

What makes an LED light better than a traditional light bulb? In nearly every way possible. LED lights conserve energy by using less wattage to create the same amount of brightness. They also last longer, with some models offering 50,000-hour life spans. They come in a greater variety of shapes and sizes, from the standard round bulbs to linear and decorative lights designed to replace an entire track or row of lighting fixtures.

About LEDs Technology

The LED’s light is emitted when electrons recombine with electron holes created by the junction. As there is not yet a full semiconductor, there is the possibility that electrons pass through without recombining with holes. The LED’s forward current transfer ratio depends on its design and can be calibrated.

The LED is constructed of an n-type semiconductor diode, which means it has a high electron density, and a p-type semiconductor diode, which means it has a low electron density. The electrons from the n-side want to get to the p-side so they can participate in energy bands that are relatively “far away” from the nucleus. This movement is not hindered by the PN junction since it allows them to pass through it. On the other side of this junction, however – the electrons are trapped, giving them enough energy to emit photons with lower energy than the incoming photons. Click here to know about what is the best LED light bar?

Amazing power saving

The LED technology was first developed in the 1960s for commercial applications. It had been used in traffic lights, car light bulbs, electronic displays, and computer memories. The main advantage of LEDs is power saving. By switching to the LED technology, the electricity bill is reduced by more than 75%. LEDs are still used up to the present day because of their relatively low cost and long lifetime (average lifetimes around 30 000 hours).

Comparing with incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not require a warm-up period. It also does not have a filament that can burn out or break over time. LEDs emit light in all directions that means it is best suitable for a room with a large area.

Convenience and usability

The usage of LED products is not limited to interior design. They can be used outside as well. The options are endless, and each has its own benefits, depending on your needs. For example, if you are trying to create a party atmosphere or evening setting outside, try placing red or blue LED lights in your garden. If you are looking for something romantic for your dinner date at night, use white or green colored LED lights around your table. They will definitely create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere around you.

Final words

 Well, if you can’t spend a large sum of money on your electricity bill then don’t fret!!!! You still have a way to reduce it. The solution is to change the lighting technology that you are using till now. If you are still using incandescent bulbs, it is time to move forward and opt for compact fluorescent bulbs or CFLs.

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