All soccer live scores and the main events of recent EPL and FA rounds

The most interesting events took place during the match of Norwich against Tottenham Hotspur in the 1/8 of the FA Cup, in which Krul was able to defeat his opponent using a bottle. The game was on an equal terms, the match ended with the score of 1:1. Then, it came to a penalty series. Goalkeeper Tim Krul constantly drank water from a bottle, on which there was a cheat sheet with a direction of shots was glued. Thanks to this, he managed to take his team further in the tournament. After studying all ”For your own tournaments, you can select soccer trophies as motivation” live scores, you will find out a lot of interesting things.

The main events of the 29th round of the English Premier League include:

  1. Manchester United outplayed its compatriots from the City.
  2. Chelsea defeated Everton.
  3. Tottenham loses points again.
  4. Leicester and Arsenal made it to the Champions League.
  5. Liverpool beat Bournemouth and brought itself closer to the champion cup.

All soccer live scores can be monitored on the site, where you will find not only details on the current and past games but also a detailed schedule of the upcoming matches.

Fa cup results in March 2020

Despite the fact that now there is a big pause in the football season of Europe, a lot of games have already been played. According to the FA cup results, there are already teams that proceed further, and there are losers.

The FA cup results include:

  1. Match on March 2: Portsmouth – Arsenal (0:2).
  2. Match on March 3: Chelsea – Liverpool (2:0).
  3. Match on March 3: Reading – Sheffield U (1::2).
  4. Match on March 3: West Bromwich – Newcastle (2:3).
  5. Match on March 4: Sheffield Wednesday – Manchester City (0:1).
  6. Match on March 4: Leicester – Birmingham (1:0).
  7. Match on March 5: Derby County – Manchester United (0:3).

These are the results for the beginning of March, but the future of the championship is very unclear. According to a reliable source very close to the FA and the English Premier League, they won’t be able to resume the championship on April 4 (deadlines were set in advance). According to the current situation with the virus, which is getting worse every day, the date indicated in the press release is no longer relevant.

The FA and the English Premier League now have several options:

  1. Resume the championship no matter what.
  2. Finish the games in May, despite the problem with the delay and holding of games.
  3. Cancel the results of the season and wait for a better start of the next championship.

Whatever choice they will make, in any case, the situation for the current championship and playing teams is not the best. Let’s hope that in the near future the situation in football will stabilise and we will again be able to easily watch games and cheer for our favourite teams.

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