Al Rihla: A New Ball for a Semis World Cup

Al Rihla is making its grand debut at the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup this weekend. The new ball, specifically designed for football’s biggest event, will be used by players in both the men’s and women’s matches.

FIFA recently announced that for the upcoming World Cup semi-finals in Qatar 2022, teams would be playing with the new Al Rihla match ball instead of Al Hilm.

So far, the existing ball has been used during the group stages and the first round of knockout play. This ball is equipped with technology to aid in tracking and assisting referee decisions throughout the tournament.

However, in its stead will stand the Al Hilm, whose gold-based design and triangular pattern are homages to the deserts surrounding Doha’s major host city.

Developed in partnership with Adidas, this new and improved ball is set to provide a unique experience for players and spectators alike.

FIFA has revealed that the Al Rihla match ball is lighter and easier to control than conventional balls, allowing players to make precise passes and kicks. It also utilizes a high-quality synthetic leather material that aids durability, while an aerodynamic shape provides excellent flight characteristics.

The ball’s textured surface helps players grip it better and makes dribbling more comfortable than ever before. FIFA believes these features will enable teams to perform at their best when they reach the decisive moments of the tournament.

Adidas’ general manager Nick Craggs said: “Al Hilm represents a beacon of light on the power of sport and football to bring the world together.”

“Millions will tune in from almost every country around the globe, united by their passion for the game. We wish all teams involved in the final stages of the tournament the best of luck.”

The Al Rihla ball is a revolutionary design from FIFA and will be seen at stadiums worldwide this weekend. It’s sure to bring an exciting twist to the game and add an extra layer of excitement for fans watching from home!

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