Advantages Of Hiring Software Developers From Ukraine

All companies, big and small, need web development services of various kinds today. Growing without a website and a simple app is impossible, even if you are a small startup on a budget. All users are online these times, so reaching out to your target audience via traditional, offline means is very hard.

However, with the rising demand for web developers worldwide, the costs of such work have also risen exponentially. Thus, many companies can’t afford to hire local coders and firms because of the unaffordable website or app design rates. Learn more about Advantages Of Hiring Software Developers From Ukraine at

A great way out is outsourcing. It has emerged in response to the limitations in local talent supply and has become a byproduct of globalization. Today, you can hire a coder in any corner of the globe. Here we will tell you why you need to hire developers in Ukraine – one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe, offering tons of skilled workforce and top-tier web dev quality.

Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Every company working within the web development industry or using IT services has considered outsourcing at a certain moment. The rising costs of local companies’ services, the lack of needed talent, and the need for flexibility are all drivers for IT outsourcing. This trend has enabled firms to:

  • Save costs on website or app development, thus allocating funds to other strategic business priorities
  • Find the right mix of tech stack for unique, innovative projects
  • Partner with IT specialists regardless of their location

However, it’s noteworthy that outsourcing also comes with a number of risks. So, you should consider those issues when making the final decision. Some of these downsides may become serious bummers on the way to establishing a productive partnership with an overseas firm:

  • Language barrier
  • Different time zone
  • Differences in culture and work ethics
  • Communicative flaws
  • Absence of trust between distantly located parties

Whether you accept the degree of risk coming with outsourcing or not depends on your individual situation and business profile. Some companies simply can’t afford to outsource IT development because of their innovative projects’ highly sensitive, confidential nature. But if it’s not your case, we recommend trying the outsourcing model, and the best location to do this is Ukraine.

Ukraine as an Outsourcing Destination

Eastern Europe has been an attractive outsourcing destination for many years, and Ukraine is the region’s gem in terms of IT talent supply. As of 2021, the Ukrainian IT market exceeded $400 billion in revenue, and the Ukrainian IT labor supply dominates the Eastern European talent pool of a whopping 1.3 million people. Currently, there are 200,000+ IT specialists in the country, with half of them speaking fluent English. Thus, with the average coding rate of $25-45, you can get a great balance of affordability and expertise here.

There are several major IT hubs in Ukraine, including Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Odesa. With the recent invasion of Russia to Ukraine, the major IT operations have shifted to the western regions. Still, most IT giants remain functional without undermining client deadlines and commitments.

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Work to Ukrainian Companies

Now, what will you get by partnering with a Ukrainian IT firm to build your next IT project? There are numerous advantages to consider.

#1 Cost Savings

Apart from all other bonuses of working with Ukrainian developers, you’re sure to gain from competitive rates that coders and dev firms charge in this country. The average hourly rate breakdown ranges from $25 to $45 for the development work, which is much lower than the hourly price of Western coders. Thus, you can cut the costs of your IT project by half without compromising its quality.

#2 Tech Expertise

Ukrainian coders receive top-tier education in numerous higher educational establishments and IT centers scattered across the country. Besides, Ukraine has an active developer community that hosts numerous conferences, meetups, and hackathons every year, favoring the exchange of experience and knowledge among coders from different states. Thus, you can find experts with varying tech stacks here, regardless of the technology’s rarity and complexity.

#3 Convenient Time Zone

Ukraine’s convenient location, just 1-2 hours away from all major European cities, makes it a perfect outsourcing destination for these countries. Even North American businesses open their subdivisions in Ukraine to embrace the local talent and low dev costs. So, you will never face any problems scheduling meetings with your outsourced team, getting a large overlap in working hours between your European and Ukrainian offices.

#4 Strong Work Ethics

Ukrainians are widely known for their resourcefulness and commitment to work. They are much more punctual and responsible than Asians or Latin Americans prove to be, so working with them is more predictable in terms of deadlines and product quality.

Access a Vibrant Labor Market with Top-Tier IT Talent

Figures don’t lie; Ukraine is a great destination for outsourcing your IT projects with a guarantee of top-notch results and total dedication of the team to your business values. With over 200,000 developers living and working in Ukraine, you will never feel a shortage of skilled talent or tech expertise. So, research this promising market widely to find a company or a team you can trust, getting a dependable IT provider for projects of any complexity.

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